b'CONSUMABL ESPALLET WRAP NA COIN/BUTTON CELLS,NA LEAD ACIDNAStretch and seal food grade filmSILVER OXIDE RECHARGEABLE BATTERYsupplied with re-usable handle Higher the capacity the longer life time 5 years standby designNon-Rechargeable Float Standby use Wide operating temperature range Low gas emissions 99% plus recombination Resistant to vibration, shockExcellent recovery from deep discharge and acceleration Leak-proofSealed lead acid (SLA) batteryStable and steady performance andABS resin case to feature low internal resistance UL94-HB fire resistance (Horizontal Burning Test) Road transport to UN2800 (Batteries, Wet, Non-Spillable) Air Transport to Special Provision A67 IATA & ICAO. (Batteries, Wet, Non-Spillable)329-5920 100MMX 100M (PACK OF 10)593-423 RS SR44 COIN CELL BATTERY, 1.55V 537-5488 RS SEALED LEAD-ACID BATTERY,12V 7AHTRANSLUCENT SQUEEZENA BLACK PVC SEALING STRIP NA A4 STAINLESS STEEL HEXNABOTTLE High strength adhesive to keepNUTS - METRICSqueeze bottle for use with cleaner,foam in place during assembly Ideal for use in chemical processing oil, solvent and other liquids Excellent resistance to weather, fungiequipment and marine environments Capacity of 225 ml and oxidation ensures a long seal life due to its higher resistance to Translucent colour Closed cell construction gives a positivetarnish and corrosion. Made from polypropylene (PP) seal at only 30% compression andMetric hex nutsCan release single drops or fine streams requires less material to seal than open cell foams To DIN934Easy peel liner prevents stretching during installation A4 grade 18/8 stainless steel Single-Sided Tape (Type 316 S16)long lastingVarious applications, air conditioning, telecommunications,Good resistance aircraft, marine and automotive industries to corrosion and saltwaterDue to the hexagon nut having six sides it makes it easier to work with and is very versatileEasy to tighten and loosen 189-591 M6548-4289 225ML 205-0906 25MM X 10M, 10MM THICK 189-585 M5BLACK SELF AMALGAMATING TAPE A4 STAINLESS STEEL PLAINNA COLOPHONY-FREE TIN/ NAEasy unwind WASHER - METRIC LEAD SOLDER WIREExtremely flexible RS PRO washers are an essential part ofVersatile soldering wire that can be used Resistant to water, ozone and UV any fastener assembly, as they serve tofor a wide range of soldering tasksExcellent low and high temperature performance incorporate spacing and distribute loadAlloy used consists of 60% tin and 40% leadExcellent conformability to awkward shapes when placed between a nut and bolts.Melting point between 183-188CBreaking load is 20.0N/cm These washers will help prevent wear andLow odour formulation with 1.1% flux contentElongation is 600% distortion of installation surfaces over time. Soldering iron typical tip temperature for this solder wire is 320-360C800-7661 0.7MM146-8998 25MM X 10M 189-664 M8 756-8871 0.4MMVISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.95'