b'TOWELS, WIPES & DISPENSERSSCOTT HARD ROLL TOWEL NA KLEENEX HARD ROLLNA AQUARIUS ROLLED HANDNA6 x 304 m blue, 1 ply roll (1,824 m total) TOWEL TOWEL DISPENSERHigh capacity, super-compressedOne case of Kleenex hard roll towelsDispenses rolled towels without the need roll for less frequent refilling contains 6 rolls, each roll measures 130m to touch the dispenser, helping to reduce Made using our unique Airflex2-ply hand towels for improved comfort,contamination and the spread of germsTechnology. Soft, strong & highlysuperior softness and absorbency Sleek and contemporary absorbent, even when wet. Manufactured using Airflex technologydesign with a white, high-gloss, Food Contact certified and Ecolabel certified for improved absorbency easy-clean finish and no dirt or dust trapsPerfect for busy washrooms and food preparation areas. Compatible with a touchless dispenserHassle-free maintenance keeps costs down in areas of heavy usefor a more hygienic experience With a window to FSC certified for an environmentally friendly workplacegauge refill needsDispenser size 43.8 cm (L) x 33.8 cm (W) x 24.1 cm (D)Suitable for Scott 6668, 6688, 6667, 6665,6657 & Kleenex 6765 BLUE, 1 PLY 6668WHITE, 1 PLY 1005 WHITE, 2 PLY 6765 WHITE ABS PLASTIC 69590SCOTT TOILET TISSUE NA SCOTT ESSENTIAL JUMBONA KLEENEX VIVA KITCHENNAEach toilet roll is IndividuallyROLL TOILET TISSUE TOWELSwrapped for increased hygiene One roll measures 300m, oneDesigned with new tough wave textureThe Scott toilet paper range iscase contains 8 rolls Each towel is made using the available in a range of roll lengths The high capacity dispensing system ofhighly absorbent and quick These great value toilet rolls doScott Essential jumbo toilet tissuesdrying Airflex technologynot compromise on quality reduces maintenance during peak times The durable Kleenex VIVA kitchen towels are FSC certified, environmentally friendly toilet rolls 2-ply toilet rolls deliver superior softness,suitable for all types of everyday cleaning tasksabsorbency and comfort for users Each FSC certified towel contains a sustainable Improved efficiency as less time spent servicing and refilling mix of recycled and FSC fibresFSC certified, environmentally friendly towels2 PLY, 48 ROLLS X 400 SHEETS 57412 PLY, 24 ROLLS X 600 SHEETS 57421 PLY, 48 ROLLS X 1000 SHEETS 4760 2PLY, 8 ROLLS X 300M 38004 WHITE, 2 PLY 6765SCOTT ALCOHOLNA KIMTECH WETTASK WIPERS & BUCKET DISPENSERANTIBACTERIAL WIPE A portable dispensing system of dry wipers that can be pre-One canister contains 70 wipes,moistened with a solution or chemical of your choiceone case contains 12 canisters Ready to use system that can save time and effortEasy to use wipes that kill 99%Provides flexibility of using perferred solvents or chemcicalsof bacteria on a range of non- May reduce solvent consumption and limit chemical/solvent exposureporous and non-food surfacesCompact, easy to use dispenser makes disinfecting simple and easyMultipurpose wipes. Pre-moistened with disinfectant for quick, hassle-free useContains commercial grade disinfectant (active ingredient: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol)HYDROKNIT WIPERS 60 SHEETS/ROLL, 6 ROLLS +1BUCKET PER CASE, 30.5 X 31.7CM 6001MELTBLOWN WIPERS 140 SHEETS/ROLL, 6 ROLLS + 1 BUCKET PER CASE, 30.5 X 15.2CM 6411SOLVENTS WIPERS 60 SHEETS/ROLL, 6 ROLLS PER CASE, 30.5 X 31.7CM 610170 WIPES/CANISTER, 14 X 12CM 12 CANISTERS 69590 BUCKET DISPENSERS 4 PER CASE 7919Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing41'