b'TEST TOOLS - MULTIMETERS, THERMOMETERS, CLAMP METERSFLIR ONE PRO-SERIES THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAThe FLIR ONE Pro and FLIR ONE Pro LT give you the power to find invisible problems faster than ever. With robust features such as multiple temperature meters and level/span controls, FLIR ONE Pro cameras work as hard as you do. The revolutionary VividIR image processing helps you see more details, FLIR MSX adds sharpness and perspective, and the FLIR OneFit adjustable connector extends up to 4 mm to fit many popular protective cases. Whether youre inspecting electrical panels, looking for HVAC problems, or finding water damage, the FLIR ONE Pro and FLIR ONE Pro LT are tools no serious professional should be without.FLIR ONE Pro has a thermal resolution of 19,200 pixels (160120), Thermal sensitivity 70 mK and Object temperature range -20C to 400C.FLIR ONE Pro LT has a thermal resolution of 4,800 pixels (8060), Thermal sensitivity 100 mK and Object temperature range -20C to 120C.136-8284 FLIR ONE PRO IOS LIGHTNING CONNECTOR 435-0006-03136-8285 FLIR ONE PRO ANDROID USB-C CONNECTOR435-0007-03136-8286 FLIR ONE PRO ANDROID MICRO-USB CONNECTOR435-0011-03175-7362 FLIR ONE PRO LT IOS LIGHTNING CONNECTOR 435-0012-03175-7363 FLIR ONE PRO LT ANDROID USB-C CONNECTOR 435-0013-03FLIR EX-SERIES INFRARED CAMERA WITH MSX & WIFI NA FLIR TG54 SPOT IR (INFRARED) Easy to use: The FLIR Ex series cameras are fully automatic and focus-free with anTHERMOMETERintuitive interface for simple measurements in thermal, visual, or MSX mode. Precise, non-contact measurements of temperatureCompact and rugged: The FLIR Ex series cameras low weight of 0.575 kg and the1.45 TFT LCD screenaccessory belt pouch make them easy to bring along at all times. Their rugged designRugged, industrial casing will withstand a drop of up to 3mcan withstand a 2 m drop test, and ensures reliability, even in harsh environments. High/low visual Ground breaking affordability: The FLIR Ex series cameras arealarmsthe most affordable infrared cameras on the market Built-in laser targeting Convenient to share images and findings: Download images,system makes it create reports, and share what youve found instantly easy to identify the measurement point128 x 128 pixels-30C to 650C (-22F to 1202F) temperature range24:1 distance-to-spot ratioIP56 rating184-6121 INFRARED CAMERA TEMP RANGE -20C TO 400C, IR RESOLUTION 160 x 120 (19,200 PIXELS) E5XT (INCL WI-FI)184-6123 INFRARED CAMERA TEMP RANGE -20C TO 550C, IR RESOLUTION 240 x 180 (43,200 PIXELS) E6XT (INCL WI-FI)184-6124 INFRARED CAMERA TEMP RANGE -20C TO 550C, IR RESOLUTION 320 x 240 (76,800 PIXELS) E8XT (INCL WI-FI)135-3291 REPLACEMENT BATTERY FOR EX SERIES T199362ACC848-1384 REPLACEMENT BATTERY CHARGERPOWER SUPPLY FOR EX SERIES T198531 922-8759 SPOT INFRARED THERMOMETER TG54FLIR CM74 600A AC/DC CLAMP METER FLIR VT8 VOLTAGE, CURRENT AND CONTINUITY TESTERWith built-in, high-power dual-LED worklights the FLIR CM74 AC/DC clamp meter provides extra illumination for environments with little or no light.The FLIR VT8s optimized Readings are clearly visible on the large digit backlitand open-jaw design LCD display, ideal for dark spaces.allows it to fit into Compact and lightweight the FLIR CM74 easilytight spaces and fits in your pocket, overalls or toolbox reliably measure large-diameter cables. Extensive measurement features make the FLIR VT8 a versatile tooljust one meter can get the job done.Carry the compact tester in your pocket to be ready at any moment for easy troubleshooting.922-6232 CM74 600A AC/DC CLAMP METER CM74 181-2427 200 A, 1000 V VT8-1000123-6702 ACCESSORY - FLEXIBLE CLAMP ADAPTOR (10, 25CM) TA72 181-2426 100 A, 600 V VT8-600123-6703 ACCESSORY - SOFT-SIDED CARRYING CASE TA15 123-6703 SOFT CASE TA15Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food28RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'