b'FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRYELECTRICAL, AUTOMATION & PROCESS CONTROLEssential components for managing your complex process, automation and electrical environments. Electrical, Automation & Process Control HighlightsBrowse and shop the entire range of electrical, automation & process control products online at au.rs-online.com.MECHANICAL COUNTER XCS-DMC/XCS-DMP CODEDDIN RAIL MOUNT - DRA1- NA5-digit, manual reset and surface mount device.MAGNETIC SWITCHES, RECTANGULAR CMX SERIESPivoting control lever and automatic return.Actuation on 3 sides: face to face and face to side 10mm single channel DIN rail Count mode of 1 stroke is equal to 1digit/ drive. 8mm tolerance to misalignment (5mm for XCS-DMC) mount SSR assemblyMaximum speed of the shaft is 500spm. LED versions have an LED in series with one N/CDC ratings up to 200 Vdc and 8 AReset by knurled knob and reset button at left giving indication when guard is closed 3-10 and 20-28Vdc controlStroke angle is between 38 and 60 Coded reed technology - switch cannot beSPST-NO functiontotally defeated by a simple magnet Cage style screw terminals for easy Rectangular plastic housing connectionDimensions: compact: H51Fits standard x W16 x D7mm, standard:35mm DIN railH88 x W25 x D13mm Includes LED Available pre-cabled or withStatus indicatorconnector on flying leadIP66/67 protection in accordance with EN/IEC 60529ROHS compliant150-467 MECHANICAL COUNTER WITH LEVEL H 127.010A01G 133-0072 2NC/1NO, 5M XCSDMP7005 701-8483 6A, 100 VDC DRA1-CMXE100D6CONNECTING CABLE NA WALL FAN 3000 SERIES -NAA range of connecting cables forRobust, durable construction TEMPERATURE CONVERTERthe SIMATIC 170 series of mobileHeight of the stand mounted unit isHigh basic 0.05% accuracy in panels supporting a Profibusadjustable from 1400mm to 1660mm all available signal rangesor Profinet environment. 90 oscillating head with 20 up and down tilt All units tested to ensure 2.5 kVAC isolation 10M lengthFinished in a durableand have excellent noise immunitygrey coloured paint Response time of 30 ms for Wall mounted unittemperature measurementscomes with easy toLow temperature coefficient fit wall mounting kit better than 0.01% / C in a 3 operating speedswide -25 to +70C ambient to suit specifictemperature range for cooling needs precise measurementsFans are supplied Long term accuracy better in kit form ready forthan 0.1% / 3 years with no easy assembly need for re-calibration746-5372 FOR USE WITH 277 SERIES MOBILE PANEL 6XV1440-4BN10 181-8941 630MM DIA PWET634-03SP 827-5467 5.535 V DC 3331Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food72RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'