b'WIRES, CONNECTORS & ACCESSORIESHE CABLE HOODS NA HE INSERTS NA HE THROUGH PANELNAHoods are made from aluminium alloyMale and female inserts will fit eitherHOUSINGScasting and available in top, angled orcable hood housings or base housings.Bases made from aluminium alloy side entry. Hoods provide IP65 sealingThe insrts is supplied without contacts.casting and in top entry only.,when fitted.,PG variants are suppliedEach insert has a separate earthSupplied with panel sealing gaskets.complete with cable sealing glands. contact.,If 32 way connectors are required Available in 6, 10, 16, 24, 40 and 64 way., both the 1-16 pole (16 way) and 17-32 Rated to 380V a.c. or 450V d.c. andpole inserts should be purchased. suitable for GroupThese inserts will fit C applications. alongside each other in size 10 HE housing.300-3715 16 WAY SCREW TERMINAL FEMALE 1-1103639-1300-3800 16WAY SIDE ENTRY,PG21 SIZE6 1-1102289-6 300-3709 10 WAY SCREW TERMINAL FEMALE 1-1103637-1300-3787 10WAY SIDE ENTRY,PG16 SIZE4 1-1102259-6 300-3658 10 WAY SCREW TERMINAL MALE 1-1103636-1 300-3967 10 WAY THROUGH PANEL BASE,SIZE 4 1-1102271-1HE/HD SURFACE MOUNTNA FLEXLITE HIGHNA STRAIGHT M12 TO STRAIGHT ARISO HOUSINGS TEMPERATURE UL WIRE CONTACTLESS CONNECTORAll surface mount bases are madeUL Style 3557, UL recognised component Reverse polarity protection for power and data transmissionof case aluminium alloy.Operating temperature rangeProtection against over heatingPG variants are suppliedof -55C to +200C Will automatically switch off in the event of a metal complete with cable gland. 600 V rating foreign object between transmitter and receiverAvailable in 6, 10, 16, 24, 40 and 64 way., Meets requirements of VW-1 flammability Interchangeable Dynamic Pairing between ARISO couplersRated to 380V a.c. or 450V d.c. and suitable forFlexible and tough M30 x 80mm sized receiverGroup C applications. Thin wall insulation IP67 Ingress protectionLightweight and small easy to handle300-4005 6 WAY BASE,PG16 SIZE 3 1-1102248-2 906-0925 12 CORE 3M CABLE, PLUG 2287598-3300-4033 16 WAY BASE,PG21 SIZE 6 1-1102298-1 253-2098 1.00SQ.MMFLHTC0311-1.00-9 906-0929 10 CORE 3M CABLE, PLUG 2287598-4UNIVERSAL CRIMPNA SOLDER SLEEVES AND KIT NATOOL FOR DEUTSCHSolder Sleeves provide insulated, CONNECTORS environmentally sealed; strain-Adjusting screw includes jam nut relieved soldered connectionsCompatible with a wide range ofTemperature range -55C to +125CDeutsch connector crimps Terminate bare or tin plated conductorsLightweight and comfortable to use Supplied in a storage case with locking lidRefills available - see Solder Sleeves, as well as other High-Spec Solder Sleeves and Wire to wire Splices.425-973 HDT-48-00 542-5583 SOLDERSLEEVE KIT B-155-MIXT-01Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing49'