b'PNEUMATICSCLEAN DESIGN CYLINDER FORCOMPRESSED AIR FILTER- COMPRESSED AIR FINE FILTERFOOD INDUSTRY REGULATOR Fully automatic monitoring and Hygienic and self-adjusting PPS cushioning Vertical assembly position regulation of compressed air supplyEasy-to-clean cylinder profileManual rotary condensation drain Automatic shut-off of the compressed without corners and indents Standard nominal flow rate of 5,600 I/min air in stand-by mode Corrosion-resistantOptional mounting type of eitherDetection and notification cylinder surface front panel or line installation of leakagesStandard dimensions andG1/2 pneumatic connection Condition monitoring of mounting accessoriesAluminium die castrelevant process datato ISO 15552 housing materialNSF-H1 lubricant and specialRotary knob with lock actuatorwiper seal (characteristic A3) suitable for contact in the food area. Long service life even with insufficient lubrication due to frequent cleaning processesSearch dsbf or scan QR code for Search ms6-lfm or scan QR code forover 100 product options121-5670 MS6-LFR-1/2-D6-CRM-AS over 30 product options COMPRESSED AIR ACTIVATEDSOLENOID CONTROLFOOD GRADE PNEUMATIC CARBON FILTER VALVE FITTINGSFully automatic monitoringIn-line valve - designed to be usedEffortless selection of the right fitting.and regulation ofwithout pneumatic linking. All pneumaticFesto offers a secure solution compressed air supply connections are on the valve and canfor every connection. Automatic shut-off ofbe equipped with fittings/tubing. The convenient push-in the compressed air inPiston spool with sealingfitting system includes stand-by mode ring design principle well over 1000 types Detection and notification5/2 Way Monostable valve function of standard and of leakages Internal pilot air supply function fittings.Condition monitoring ofG1/4 thread pneumatic connectionrelevant process data202-3518 3/8-RMS6-LFX-3/8-R202-3354 1/2-UMS6-LFX-1/2-U202-3353 CARTRIDGE MS6-LFX202-3404 AKICARTRIDGE MS6-LFX-AKI202-3398 1/2-RMS6-LFX-1/2-R202-3377 1/2-R-ZMS6-LFX-1/2-R-Z202-3327 1/4-RMS6-LFX-1/4-R Search npqh or scan QR code for202-3362 1/4-UMS6-LFX-1/4-U 121-5898 5/2 WAY VUVS-LK25-M52-AD-G14-1B2-S over 150 product optionsHYDOLYSIS RESISTANT TUBE ANGLE SEAT MEDIA VALVE FDA APPROVED PINCH VALVEHydrolysis-resistant and suitableModular, hygienic design, insensitive to dirt The pinch valve is a 2/2-way valve used to for water applications.Quick and easy maintenance control liquid and powdery media, solids Combination suitable for use in cleanrooms,Control of medium flows (gaseous and liquid) inas well as a mixture of substances.FDA-compliant and corrosion-resistantclosed and open circuits Easy-to-clean housing (clean design)as it is made of 100% polymer.The angle seat valves VZXAOpen or closed in Very easy to install thanks to the one clickare simple and sturdy andnormal positionprinciple are thus perfectly suitableShut-off element for almost all media with amade of elastomerviscosity of up to 600 mm/sThe angle seat valves VZXA made from stainless steel with PTFE seals have high chemical and thermal resistanceAlso suitable for vacuum applicationsTemperature of medium 30 . +200CSearch pun-h or scan QR code for Search vzxa or scan QR code for Search vzqa or scan QR code forover 50 product options over 20 product options over 30 product optionsBrowse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food88RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'