b'CABLES & CONNECTIVITY HIGHLIGHTSBLUE METAL-DETECTABLENA NYLON NON-RELEASABLENA CABLE TIE MOUNT NYLON 66NYLON 66 CABLE TIES CABLE TIES Fast installationIndustry-standard blue colour forHigh quality Strong adhesive baseeasy visual identification Suitable for a multitude of uses Simple cable mounting - provides secure fasteningMetal powder particles offer fullEasy to thread Available in black and natural and magnetic and x-ray detection, evencomes in a range of sizesif parts have been trimmed to fit Self-extinguishing UL 94 V-2172-1766 150X3.6MM BLUE172-1769 RELEASE 250X4.5MM BLUE 233-499 100 X 2.5, PACK 1000172-1767 400X4.6MM BLUE 233-493 380X7.6MM, PACK 100172-1765 200X4.6MM BLUE 233-487 300X4.8MM, PACK 100172-1768 380X7.6MM BLUE 233-471 203X4.6MM, PACK 100 811-1726 CABLE TIE MOUNT 19.5X19.5 BLACK NYLON 66ZERO HALOGENNA PORTABLE HEAT SHRINK KIT NA HEAVY DUTY CABLENAHEATSHRINK TUBING KIT Portable heat shrink kit consisting of aPROTECTORSHighly flame retardant with a flamerange of high-quality heat shrink tubing Weather and skid prooftemperature index of over 350C Includes range of colours, (includingBlack base and yellow cover Totally halogen free harmonised colours) and diameters toprovide good visibilityVery low smoke, meets LUL requirements suit a range of different applications High-strength cable groves, can withstand up to 20 tons per axle 397-4263 2:1 SHRINK RATIO 487-3852 2:1, 3:1 SHRINK RATIO 136-5423 H/D CABLE PROTECTOR DUAL 2 CHNL 32/38MMOPEN SLOT PVC EMPTY CABLE REEL NACable protection Features a removable side flange that you Slotted construction can cut to accept panel-mount connectorsSignificantly lower fire risk, due to self-extinguishing nature Mounted on a rugged tubular steel frame that has a friction brake with an integral winding handle758-9276 STANDARD 8MM 25WX60H 2M758-9210 NARROW 4MM 25WX80H X2M758-9285 STANDARD 8MM 25WX80H 2M758-9282 STANDARD 8MM 40WX60H 2M758-9294 STANDARD 8MM 60WX40H 2M758-9216 NARROW 4MM 25WX60H X2M879-3741 NARROW 4MM 40WX60H X1M758-9279 STANDARD 8MM 25WX30H 2M879-3738 STANDARD 8MM 40WX80H 1M879-3744 STANDARD 8MM 60WX80H 1M 379-3727 YELLOW PLASTIC AUDIO CABLE DRUM,240MM60'