b'FACILITIES CLEANING & MAINTENANCESILICONE GREASE COTTON BUDSSilicone grease is a water repellent, non-150mm longgreat for cleaning hard to reach areasmelting silicone grease lubricant; Tightly wrapped cotton wool headabsorbs and Commonly used to lubricate plastic andlifts detritus with minimal lint separationpolythene water pipes, rubber washers andRigid wooden stickprovides control and precisionother fluid pipework during assembly; Can be used wet or drysolvent can be Working temperature range isapplied to tip for more effective cleaningbetween -50C to 200C;This item is non-toxic;Acting as waterproof or air tight seal494-124 100G TUBE 558-802 SINGLE ENDED, 200/BOXFIBRE OPTIC CLEANINGNA ISO-PROPYL ALCOHOLNA PLATEN CLEANER NAPRODUCTS (IPA) Dissolves toughest ink marks, Optronics 1.25mm Microfibre Clean Stick An alternative to CFC-based solvents whichas well as oil or greaseare said to destroy the earths ozone layer Restores grip after cleaning Leaves no residue meaning youand leaves no residueare left with a smooth surface Does not damage rubber - extends Non-aggressive so does notthe lifetime of rubber rollers therefore destroy your parts preventing costly replacementRemoves flux residuesEasy to applyfrom PCBs Supplied in a 100ml Safe on most plastics pump spray121-4194 100 PCS 227-4427 1L BOTTLE 217-3891 100ML PUMP SPRAYAIR DUSTER NA 50 LITRE PLASTIC NA 350CC BRUSH OILER NAInert, pure compressed gasFLIP TOP BIN Nylon Pump Systemfor dust removalDurable plastic design thats135 mm SpoutIdeal for removing particulates fromeasy to clean and maintain 120 g in weightinaccessible areas on delicate equipment Flip lid for easy access 140 mm highLightweight and portableCan be used for a range of waste needsWaterproof168-1644 400ML 178-7702 YELLOW168-1642 300ML 178-7699 RED 801-0746 300CC BRUSH OILER44'