b'RELAYSPLC-RSC SERIES 4-WAY ISOLATED SIGNALNARelays and opto-couplers for inputs andDUPLICATORoutputs with pluggable switching devices Configurable 4-way isolating amplifierFour bridging slots to reduce wiring; bridgingThin 6.2mm housing widthof up to 80 modules is possible Ex-zone 2 approvalScrew terminal connections DIP switch allows configuration of LED indicators and diodes for coil suppression up to 8 signal combinations250V versions have a switched power rating of 1500VA Duplication of a standard analog signal on Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.2 x 80 x 94 mmtwo current outputs(Single pole, double pole 14mm wide)Operating temperature range -40 to +55CMechanical life (relays) 1 x 107 operationsWide range of accessories also available290-1422 SINGLE RELAY REL-MR- 60DC/21 2961118290-1416 SINGLE RELAY REL-MR- 24DC/21 2961105306-6592 MINIATURE SOLID-STATE RELAY - OPT-24DC/ 24DC/ 2 2966595358-8301 RELAY MODULE - PLC-RSC- 24DC/21 2966171 489-2881 SIGNAL DUPLICATOR - MINI MCR-SL-UI-2I-NC 2864176RIF-0 POWER RELAY MODULES INTERFACE RELAY, SERIESNAEasy wiring due to push in connection technology PR1Easy handling and extension of range Pluggable miniature relays, with power Plug in display/suppressor module contact for high continuous current1 and 2 contact optionsVaried switching current dependant on the relay chosen from the REL-MR seriesPluggable miniature relay - compact in sizeAdditional hard gold platingAC and DC coil voltagesRobust and hard wearing794-3761 24DC/1 2903361794-3765 12DC/ 1 2903362794-3771 24DC/21 2903370794-3780 12DC/21 2903371 508-0023 SINGLE RELAY - REL-MR- 24DC/21-21 2961192MCR SIGNALNA PSRMINI SAFETY RELAY OPTO-COUPLERS WITH CONDITIONERS Compatible with all important signalSOLID STATE RELAY MCR series 3-way isolating amplifiers fortransmitters and safety-relevant systems OUTPUTelectrical isolation of analog signals. Screw and push-in spring connection Dc in/Dc out, Dc in/Ac out and Ac Processing of standard signals Automatic reset, Automatic/Manual reset, Automatic/Manual/ in/Dc out versions availableFixed setting of input and output signals Monitored reset, Manual/Monitored reset options available Versions with switching speeds 3-way isolation Up to 70% space saved up to 100kHz availablePluggable screw connection Easy and quick diagnosis given means shorter downtime 2.5kVac input to output isolationLED status indicationModule width 6.2mmOperating temperature range: -20 to +60C801-6101 SIGNAL CONDITIONER - MCR-C-I-I-00-DC 2814508 893-7701 PSR-MC40-3NO-1DO-24DC-SC 2700569 533-0019 TERMINAL BLOCK - DEK-OE- 24DC/ 24DC/100KHZ 2964283Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing79'