b'BUCKETS, BRUSHES & SQUEEGEESHAND BRUSHES FOR THENA BOTTLE BRUSHES NA TUBE BRUSH NAFOOD INDUSTRY Tube Brush suitable for cleaningClean pipes, tap outlets and narrow Hand brush with soft bristles is ideal forbottles, tubes and gaps betweenspaces between machine parts.sweeping fine particles such as flourlines on conveyor belts The filaments are attached to a from conveyor belts, food preparationMaterial: Polypropylene,twisted stainless steel rod which makes surfaces, tables and equipment Polyester, Stainless Steel chemical resistant and strong.Dimensions ( x L): 20 x 500 mm176-766010MM, 480MM, STIFF, YELLOW 53756188-8940 PINK 53761 176-766210MM, 480MM, STIFF, RED 53754775-6303 BLUE45873 884-7557 GREEN 53762 176-766410MM, 480MM, STIFF, GREEN 53752775-6319 YELLOW SOFT HAND BRUSH 45876 884-7551 BLUE53763 176-760940MM, 510MM, MEDIUM, RED 53784775-6315 WHITE45875 884-7563 WHITE53765 176-764360MM, 510MM, MEDIUM, WHITE 53705176-7547 HAND BRUSH LARGE, 200MM, STIFF, BLUE 884-7567 YELLOW53766 176-767460MM, 510MM, MEDIUM, BLACK 53709HYGIENE BUCKET NA MEDIUM FLOOR BROOM NA ULTRA HYGIENIC PPNAHand brush with soft bristles is ideal for50 x 400mm, 56mm bristle length HANDLE,1300MMsweeping fine particles such as flourPolyester stock and bristle Ultra Hygienic Handle from conveyor belts, food preparationApplication: sweeping mediumof polypropylenesurfaces, tables and equipment sized particals/dust Manufactured according 12 Litre to the European and American regulations for food contact materialsRounded gripChemical resistant, withstands the most aggressive cleaning chemicals884-7642 GREEN 56862 823-4734 BLUE 29603188-9754 GREY 568688 390-4927 GREEN 823-4737 RED 29604188-9752 LIME 568677 390-4961 YELLOW 823-4740 YELLOW 29606884-7652 YELLOW 56866 390-4933 BLUE 823-4725 GREEN 29602SQUEEGEES FOR FOODNA TABLE AND FLOOR SCRAPER ERGONOMIC SHOVELINDUSTRY Table and floor scraper with stainless steel blade.Use this durable shovel to Polypropylene stock, rubber blade This scraper is suitable for removing stubbornmove large amounts of food Application: containmentfood debris from floors and other surfaces.waste or food ingredients. of liquids in cleaning Can be used with any handle from theErgonomically designed Vikan colour coded range. with the users working position in mind, this product is ideal for working at floor level as well as shovelling from container to container.390-4416 BLUE 77543 177-4060 260MM, WHITE 29105390-4450 YELLOW77546 177-4059 260MM, YELLOW 29106390-4422 RED77544 177-4064 260MM, GREEN 29102 188-8945 380 X 340 X 90 MM, 1310 MM HANDLE 56015Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing39'