b'TEMPERATURE, SPEED & ENVIRONMENTAL TEST & MEASUREMENTINFRARED THERMOMETER WITH DUAL LASERRS PRO IT-1 INFRAREDNAPOINT THERMOMETERErgonomic grip for ultimate user comfort and to allowSingle Type K bead thermocouple suppliedcontinuous use over extended periods of time K or J-Type - thermocouple inputBuilt-in dual-laser targeting for better and more accurateReal-time stamptargeting to ensure optimum measurement accuracyData logging up to 16000 recordsand precise non-contact temperature readings C, F or K display - so you switch Temperature range of -50C to +550C with an accuracybetween Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvinof 1 % of the reading at 20C to 300C (includes a user- Auto Power Off with selectable time settingselectable option for reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit)Relative humidity range for this device is 0-90%RH and also features a digitally adjustable emissivity feature from 0.10 to 1.0LCD display with a backlight193-8691 RS-8861 123-3217 RS53II SERIESDRY-WELL TEMPERATURE CALIBRATOR SURFACE TEMPERATURENA LUX/FC LIGHT METER ILM-201LSuitable for checking the accuracy of RTDsPROBE Measuring range: 200, 2000, 20 000, 200 (Resistance Temperature Detectors), thermocouples,Time constant 1 second (clean tip) 000 lux; 20, 200, 2000, 20 000 foot-candlesand small bimetal thermometers in the field Solid waterproof handle forAccuracy 3% (calibrated to standard Fast, accurate and easy calibrations of temperatureadded protection and to preventincandescent lamp 2856 K) and sensors for reliable measurement results damage by excess heat corrected LED day white-light spectrum Multiple sized sensor holes that accepts a wideWide temperature measurement range of -200 to 1000C (8% other visible light source)range of temperature sensor diameters, for increased3 digits LCD with maximum reading 1999versatility across a wide variety of applications Max HoldBuilt-in fan cooling feature allows rapidManual zero adjustmenttemperature changes and the temperature canManual rangingbe adjusted in 0.1C increments if necessary Meter size 130 x 55 x 38 mmSensor size 80 x 55 x 25 mm193-8701 BX-150 +33C TO +300C 3428-956 THERMOCOUPLE TYPE K FAST RESP, -50TO250 124-0938 LUX/FC LED LIGHT METERCONTACT AND NON- DESKTOP INDOOR AIRNA TACHOMETER REFLECTIVENACONTACT TACHOMETER QUALITY CO2 MONITOR TAPEDurable and robust housing forHigh-quality CO2 monitor with a largeSelf-adhesive reflective tapeuse in challenging environmentsLCD display for easy visual identification Suitable for use with optical while offering an intuitive andReal-time readings for accuratetachometers and stroboscopeseasy to use interface formonitoring and detection RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous optimum ease of use Also measures immediate airMaterials) compliant with EU Directives A wide measuring rangetemperature and humidity 2011/65/EU and 2015/863and high resolution forCompact and ergonomicComplies with the ANSI/ESD accurate and reliable resultsdesign, suitable for useS20.20:2014 and BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 as a contact or non-contactin workspaces whereElectrostatic Control Standardsform of measurement there is limited spaceA solution for non-invasiveThis portable CO2 monitor ways of measuring RPM andcan be used to observe and surface speed, especiallycontrol CO2 levels indoorsin areas where it mayAutomatic shutdown be dangerous or difficultif the device has a low for the user to reach battery or if it is left idle for more than 10 minutes193-8688AT-8174-6574 RS-967 845-9731 PACK OF 1030'