b'IP69K PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT S What is IP69K?What are the advantages of IP69K?The IP69K rating provides protection against ingressIn environments that require heavy washdown, such of dust and high temperature, high pressure wateras in the food processing industry, the combination ofmaking products with this certification ideal forwater, chemicals, high pressures and temperatures can use in conditions where equipment must be carefullyprove fatal for electronic circuits and instrumentation. sanitized.The IP69K rating offers complete assurance that the In the food processing industry, where hygiene andpiece of equipment that has undergone that tests is cleanliness is paramount, equipment must be able toboth durable and resistant and conforms to the highest withstand rigorous high pressure, high temperatureprotection rating on the scale.wash-down procedures.The IP69K rating is the highest protection available.TELEMECANIQUE EXTENDED SENSINGBNS 33S MAGNETIC SAFETY SWITCH, STAINLESS RANGE IP69K RATED STEEL IP69K RATED TWICE nominal sensing distance Control category up to 4 to EN954-1 in combination with a safety monitoring module FLUSH mount IP69K protection, cable connection suitable for food industry (LiYY) FAST switching frequency Coded switch, actuation only possible with BPS33S actuating magnet 2 & 3 wire controlled devices Dimensions: L7.5 x W27 x H88 mm LED status display OPERATING temperature range: -25+70 C REVERSE polarity and short circuit protection(dc types only)444-3300 M30 X 1.5, PNP-NO 62MM LEN , 1248 V DC SUPPLY VOLTAGE XS630B1PAL2444-3316 M30 X 1.5, PNP-NO 74MM LEN , 1248 V DC SUPPLY VOLTAGE XS630B1PAM12 617-5150 100 V AC/DC BNS 33S-12Z444-3366 M30 X 1.5, NO 62MM LEN , 24240 V AC/DC SUPPLY VOLTAGE XS630B1MAL2444-3388 M30 X 1.5, NO 73MM LEN , 24240 V AC/DC SUPPLY VOLTAGE XS630B1MAU20444-3350 M18 X 1, NO M18 BARREL 73MM LEN , 24240 V AC/DC SUPPLY VOLTAGE XS618B1MAU20444-3344 M18 X 1, NO 62MM LEN , 24240 V AC/DC SUPPLY VOLTAGEXS618B1MAL2444-3338 M12 X 1, NO 62MM LEN , 24240 V AC/DC SUPPLY VOLTAGE XS612B1MAU20 NDR SERIES EMERGENCY STOP PUSH 444-3322 M12 X 1, NO 53MM LEN , 24240 V AC/DC SUPPLY VOLTAGEXS612B1MAL2 BUTTONS, IP69K RATED444-3265 M12 X 1, PNP-NO 53MM LEN , 1248 V DC SUPPLY VOLTAGEXS612B1PAL2 This range of Head Emergency Buttons are used in control cabinets, 444-3271 M12 X 1, PNP-NO 62MM LEN , 1248 V DC SUPPLY VOLTAGEXS612B1PAM12 control panels, in elevator construction, on conveyor or transport plants. After the manual actuation, the components initiate or 444-3287 M18 X 1, PNP-NO 62MM LEN , 1248 V DC SUPPLY VOLTAGEXS618B1PAL2 switch off work processes and functional processes.444-3293 M18 X 1, PNP-NO 74MM LEN , 1248 V DC SUPPLY VOLTAGEXS618B1PAM12 The range of NDR Series Emergency Stop Push Buttons are available in the form of pushbuttons, joystick switches or key-operated switches.They are available in a single, dual and tri state contact blocks.There is an option to have N/O (normally open) and N/C (normally closed) contact IP69K 304 STAINLESSversions to satisfy every requirement.STEEL WALL BOXES Red 50mm Round Head Emergency Button.Key Reset.Material: Stainless steelIP69K ratingLockableDouble lipped edge to ensure higher strength and ease of installationEasy to use, including removal of the door758-6996 300 X 300 X 200MM 742-0763 SEPARATE SPRING ELEMENT, BLACK BELLOWSNDRR50GR/RT758-7006 400 X 300 X 200MM 742-0760 SEPARATE SPRING ELEMENT, WHITE BELLOWS NDRR50RT758-7015 400 X 500 X 150MM 742-0757 INTEGRATED SNAP-ACTION MECHANISM, WHITE BELLOWS NDRZ50RTBrowse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing13'