b'TAKING THE IOT CONCEPT TO THE FACTORY FLOORIn the consumer space the concept of The Internet of Things isWithin the following pages youll find products well established. Cloud connected devices and services, such aswhich can help unlock productivity data, products Google Nest, are allowing us to create a connected home withwhich can add intelligence to existing machinery thermostats, cameras and even doorbells all connected via themaking them IIoT ready and products which enable Internet to smart apps and cloud services.to you to monitor conditions or make measurements So, the concept is proven, the technology exists, and the benefitsand share these easily with colleagues or for are clear: convenient, mobile or remote access to devices or datareference.reliably and securely helping you to make decisions faster. One thing is clear. Industrial IoT and the concept You may have already started an Industrial Internet of Thingsof Industry 4.0 is here to stay, and you need to be project, or you may have thought I know I need to do something -considering hownot ifyou will start using it but where do I start? today.6 STEPS ON THE IIOT JOURNEYBased on insight from manufacturers and IIoT pioneers weve listed six steps to consider when in pursuit of the connected factory.1 CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHAT YOU AREEXPOSING PRODUCTIVITY DATA processisperforming, TRYING TO ACHIEVE 5 If your main objective is accessing production data so you Be clear on what the challenge is you wish tocanbetterunderstandhowyour use IIoT to solve. If its just one or two elementsunlocking existing data should be your first step. Virtually orconditionswhichyouwanttomonitororall the key attributesspeed, output, process variables, etc track, focus on those. It will reduce complexity are available within the process control system. In many andcostallowingyoutoprovethebenefitscases these can be retrospectively released via protocol faster. monitorscompletelytransparently,withoutthecontrol 2 START SMALL increateacompleteIIoTsystem being compromisedDonttryandonehit,evenifyouare6 START ON-PREMISE BEFORE THINKING ABOUT THEcan infrastructureCLOUDconsideringpurchasinganofftheshelfThis approach has multiple benefits. Firstly, it can allay softwaresolution.Proveit,buildonthatsecurityconcernsthatyourITteammighthave.It knowledge, and demonstrate the value. also simplify the solution, while not preventing the data 3 GET THE BUY-IN FROM IT barrierdonttryfrom being cloud ready in the future. Our experts suggest that in many cases the information will only be used or Ifthiscouldbeapotentialaccessed on site so the benefits of a cloud-based solution and go around the IT team, be clear on yourmight be negligible.objectivesandworkwiththem.Iftheyhave concerns, you can start with closed networks or cellular networks (3/4G) which create physical isolation from the businesss IT infrastructure for which the IT team are responsible.4 OPERATIONAL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS (OEE)Ifyourprimaryobjectiveisimprovingthis then you may wish to consider a combination oftappingintoexistingdatatrappedin PLCsorotherpartsofthecontrolsystem and connected T&M which can help improve predictivemaintenance,reduceunplanned downtimeandspeedupthediagnostics process. You may also need to add additional sensors which can provide data on conditionsfor example motor vibrationwhich are not know to the control system.Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food14RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'