b'KITS & BUNDLESSAFE DISTANCING BUNDLE LOCKOUT STARTER KIT NA AREA SIGNAGE BUNDLE NAIntroducing the RS PRO Social Distancing Kit thatAn essential addition to any workplace,This RS PRO area signage kit is essential to includes everything needed to set up and managethis starter kit is from our high-qualityensure clear and consistent floor markings social distancing within a variety of environments own brand RS PRO, offering machine,to highlight walkways, safe spacing and It includes an infrared thermometer, a 2 m safetyelectrics and worker protection working areas in a variety of environmentsbarrier and footprint-shaped floor labels as clearBasic lockout for valves and markers to indicate the correct distance electrical panels201-3047 SAFE DISTANCING BUNDLE862-5247 24 PRODUCTS201-3589 AREA SIGNAGE KIT SHADOW BOARDS KITS NA ZONE WORKING BUNDLE NAThe RS PRO cleaning shadow boardThe RS PRO zone working kit is an ideal solution to use kit contains all the essential tools tofor establishing clearly marked work zones for individual maintain exceptional hygiene standardsworkers and removing the potential health and safety risk in a range of different environments of employees being in close proximity of each other while Using a shadow board also helps quicklyworking in busy manufacturing or industrial environmentsidentify missing equipment, whilst providing a neat and tidy storage place when not in use201-3132 STYLE A (BLUE) 201-3133 STYLE A (RED) 201-3134 STYLE B (BLUE) 201-3135 STYLE B (RED)201-3136 ZONE WORKING KIT 36'