b'Metal detectable plastic cable accessoriesDetectable plastic parts can reduce the risk of costly contamination for food and beverage The metal particles are embedded in the special high grade plastic resin. Consequently, there is no surface corrosion in humid production environments. The blue colour added to the compound also makes this plastic visually distinctive when compared with the majority of foodstuffs and liquids. Alternative colours are available on request.Undetected contamination of a production batchIn response to scenarios frequently encountered by production with a foreign object is a costly concern for anyplant engineers, HellermannTytons cable management food or beverage manufacturer. To help control theaccessories include two types of cable ties, one of which is risk from stray bits of plastic around the processingreleasable and reusable and two types of screwable cable tie mounts in various sizes. Printable TipTag markers and two of foodstuffs, HellermannTyton manufacturestypes of spiral wrap cable covers in different dimensions cable accessories from special high-grade metalcomplete this portfolio of detectable plastic products.detectable plastic resin.Magnetic plastic? Better safe than sorry The special materials HellermannTyton uses to manufacture its Plastic resin with metal content can be detected by the metalproducts for food and beverage processing are of the highest detection and x-ray equipment commonly installed in hazardquality. HellermannTytons detectable plastic products with control points. The even dispersion of metal particles throughoutmetal content are free of Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), these plastic products means that even tiny fragments of cableconsidered to be dangerous to health.ties, fixing mounts, ID tags or cable covers, which might be cut or dropped during maintenance, can be reliably detected.MCTPP SERIES METAL DETECTABLE CABLE TIES Magnetic and X-Ray detectableWill float to the surface of most liquids, allowing them to be easily removed High chemical resistanceRemain flexible and elastic in high temperaturesMetallic compound dispersed throughout the entire body of the tieColoured to assist in detectionUsed as part of HACCP processSelf-extinguishing (UL94 HB rating)891-9523 200MM X 4.6 MM, MCT SERIES (PACK OF 100) 111-01666 MCTPP50R-PPMP-BU (100)891-9536 387MM X 7.6 MM, MCT SERIES (PACK OF 100) 111-01668 MCTPP120R-PPMP-BU (100)891-9511 100MM X 2.5 MM, MCT SERIES (PACK OF 100) 111-01664 MCTPP18R-PPMP-BU (100)891-9527 390MM X 4.6 MM, MCT SERIES (PACK OF 100) 111-01667 MCTPP50L-PPMP-BU (100)au.rs-online.com/ourbrands/hellermann-tyton'