b"OFFICE SUPPLI ESUNIDIRECTIONALNA METAL HORN SPEAKER NA WHITE WALL CLOCKGOOSENECKHigh-quality sound in publicExcellent for indoor usageMICROPHONE spaces or industrial settings suchIncredibly good value for money and is suitable Unidirectional; as factories or workshops.for commercial, health, educational, industrial Frequency: 10 Hz to 16,000 Hz; Made from hard-wearing, weather- applications and countless public spacesresistant metal and is suitable forAA batteries are includedLightweight and flexible; both indoor and outdoor use.300 mm diameter x 40 mm depth, weight 740 g3-pin XLR connector; IP66 ratingdust-tight, withstandsThe viewing distance during a day is up to 25 metresAll metal case withpowerful water jets Water-resistant clock, which means it is non-glare black finish suitable for damp and humid conditions.535-0316 30W699-7304 500OHM 535-0300 15W 706-4773 WHITE, 300MM DIAWRITE-ON SELF-ADHESIVE NA LCD STOPWATCH 309 SILENT SECOND HAND Self-adhesive vinyl cloth labels.Stylish black water resistantWALL CLOCKPre-printed labels come with a space toplastic case, making it ideal forQuartz movement and continuously write your own text on using a ballpointuse in a range of applications moving second hand for silent operation. pen or any other spirit-based ink.Clear LCD screen to displayThe timeless design makes it a reliable The labels can be used in differentresults with ease wall clock, which can be used in any industries for all labelling requirementsLarge 12mm and 10mm digit heights commercial and non-commercial spaces. such as organising and performingNormal time, calendar,This plastic-cased wall clock has quality control processes.alarm and lap facility been architected with a Accuracy within 2shatterproof front lens to second over 24 hours protect the Clock in case 5 year battery life underof the unexpected fallout. normal use, providing a long lasting and reliable device1/100 second resolutionCounts up to 40 minutes in 1/100 second and then to 24 hours in 1 second intervals450-6164 LABEL 'TESTED FOR ELECTRICAL SAFETY'(PACK OF 140) 811-1814 DIGITAL STOPWATCH BLACK 440-9568 WHITE, 300MM DIAVISIBLE AND PARTIALLYNA SILVER WALL CLOCK NA A5 WIREBOUND SEMI- NALAMINATED LCD digit heights 52 and 24 mm RIGID STATIONERY KITPartially laminated writeon label Wall Clock dimensions 220x250x23 mm This kit contains:Text can be written or typed on label Digital monitor displays hours, minutes,1 x Aluminium Ballpoint Pen Leaves checkboard pattern when removed calendar and the temperature in both C/F 1 x A5 Notebook High-quality printing on the labels which is1 x pack of 75 x 75 mm Sticky Notesideal for conformance labelling to Safety and Quality standards496-401 BLK WRITE-ON LABEL 'CALIBRATED',40X15MM(PACK OF 120) 811-1820 RS LCD CALENDAR CLOCK 201-3728VISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.45"