b'FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRYSENSORSWide selection of sensors from general purpose RFID to IO-Link models. Sensor HighlightsBrowse and shop the entire range of sensors online at au.rs-online.com.W2S-2 SERIES PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS GUIDED RADAR LEVELNAWTB2S-2 miniature photoelectric with PinPoint LED forPROBESrugged and reliable detection of all object types Guided radar level probes using TDR radar Choice of diffused background suppression, retro-reflectivetechnology and a cuttable level probe to or through-beam - with sensing ranges up to 2m achieve precise All sensors have PNP output and 10-30Vdc supply, retro- level detection reflective sensors can use a range of reflectors - see 265-2754 which is immune to deposit formationAnalog outputs include 4 mA-20 mA / 0-10V, & more, plus digital outputsSuitable for process temperatures up to 100C with IP67 / IP69K protection842-8572 WTB2S-2P1330842-8560 WTB2S-2P3130842-8585 WTB2S-2P1360 794-3389 500MM PROBELFP0500-A4NMB842-8579 WTB2S-2P3160 794-3383 1000MM PROBELFP1000-A4NMBREFLECTORS FORNA THREADED BARREL BLOCKNA OSISENSE XUKRETROREFLECTIVEBODY SENSOR PHOTO-ELECTRIC SENSORSPHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS Extended sensing ranges OsiSense XU offers a full range of diffuse, A range of relectors from Turck BannerSense all metals at the sameBackground Suppression (BGS), polarized suitable for use with retroreflectivedistance - with no reduction factor reflex, laser reflex & thru-beam in the 4 photoelectric sensors. IP67 rating (Barrel is IP68) most popular form-factors worldwideVarious shapes and size available. High switching frequency Applicative sensors for material handling, No load current 15mA max. packaging, labeling (fork sensors technology) , assembly, food & beverageOperating Temperature Range -25+85C Compact 50x50mmShort circuit protection Overload protectionReverse polarity protectionInherent weld field immunity794-8671 M18 X 1 INDUCTIVE SENSOR,NI12U-EG18SK-AN6X764-3878 FOR USE WITH Q45BB6LL SERIES, 51 X 51BRT-2X2 12 MM DETECTION, IP68, PG9 MM SQUARE GLAND TERMINAL 179-9952 DIFFUSE XUK5LAPSMM12Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food62RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'