b'PROTECTIVE GLOVESHYFLEX 11-518HYFLEX 11-528HYFLEX 11-738 BLUE POLYURETHANE COATED CUTBLACK NITRILE COATED CUT RESISTANT BLACK NITRILE, POLYURETHANE RESISTANT GLOVES Glass-free INTERCEPT liner provides increased cut protection COATED CUT RESISTANTUltralight duty seamless liner Enhanced flexibility for range of motion andUnique combination of INTERCEPT Technology Enhanced flexibility (range of motion)tactility for handling small parts yarn, Nylon, Lycra, and glass fiberandtactility (fingertip sensitivity). Grip performance for safe handling inUltra strong fibers provide extreme Dyneema Diamond Technology fiber dry to light oily applications resistance against cuts and burrsVery high cut-to-dexterity ratio for safety withNBR Foam coating provides high grip and abrasion (ANSI 4) Reinforced thumb crotch for increased comfort EN cut level 3 (ANSI cut level 2). DMF free protection & extended use lifeThin PU Coating Oeko-Tex 100 approvedHigh dexterity with highSilicone freeabrasion resistance (EN level 3, ANSI level 3).217-4899SIZE 6 11518060 217-4906SIZE 6 11528060 217-4912SIZE 6 11738060217-4900SIZE 7 11518070 217-4907SIZE 7 11528070 217-4913SIZE 7 11738070217-4902SIZE 8 11518080 217-4908SIZE 8 11528080 217-4914SIZE 8 11738080217-4903SIZE 9 11518090 217-4909SIZE 9 11528090 217-4915SIZE 9 11738090217-4904SIZE 10 11518100 217-4910SIZE 10 11528100 217-4916SIZE 10 11738100217-4905SIZE 11 11518110 217-4911SIZE 11 11528110 217-4918SIZE 11 11738110HYFLEX 11-801HYFLEX 11-939EDGE 48-128NABLACK FOAM NITRILE COATED CUTBLACK/GREY FOAM NITRILE COATEDBLACK NITRILE COATED RESISTANT GLOVES CUT RESISTANT GLOVES WORK GLOVESDarker liner is well-suited for slightly oily or dirtyProtects against lacerations, oil andVery light and comfortableenvironments helping to improve wear life industrial fluid exposure High level of dexterity and flexibilityOur legendary first-to-market foam coating providesUltra-lightweight 18 gauge design providesGood level of abrasion and oil resistancemore breathability that extends workers comfort dexterity and a high level of comfort Dark glove shows dirt contamination Benefits from proprietary washing process that efficientlyReinforced thumb crotch for increasedless quicklyextracts impurities to deliver a cleaner, more comfortableprotection & extended use lifeglove. Independently certified as skin friendly by theGrip performance for safe handling in dry-to-oily Oeko-Tex testing &applicationscertification system High durability FORTIX No transfer of siliconecoating for extended contaminants to metalproduct use lifeparts prior to painting Silicone freeAlso available in vend pack217-4919SIZE 6 11801060 217-4926SIZE 6 11939060 217-4981SIZE 6 48128060217-4920SIZE 7 11801070 217-4927SIZE 7 11939070 217-4982SIZE 7 48128070217-4921SIZE 8 11801080 217-4928SIZE 8 11939080 217-4983SIZE 8 48128080217-4922SIZE 9 11801090 217-4929SIZE 9 11939090 217-4984SIZE 9 48128090217-4924SIZE 10 11801100 217-4930SIZE 10 11939100 217-4985SIZE 10 48128100217-4925SIZE 11 11801110 217-4931SIZE 11 11939110 217-4986SIZE 11 48128110ALPHATEC SOLVEX 37-145EDGE 48-701NAGREEN NITRILE COATED WORK GLOVES BLACK POLYURETHANE No inner cotton flocking, reducing risk of lint contamination and making itCOATED WORK GLOVESideal for production areas sensitive to the introduction of external impurities Good dexterity and flexibility.Sandpatch finish giving the glove a smooth surface that decreasesHigh cut protection and abrasion level.indirect costs thanks to fewer rejects of fragile parts Good grip in dry Fully reusable, with an unequalled abrasion resistance environments.Provides superb comfort for the wearer Palm dipping for Complies with FDA food handling requirements (21 CFR 177.2600) good protection against oil compared to a knitted or cut and sew glove.217-4952SIZE 7 37145070217-4953SIZE 8 37145080217-4954SIZE 9 37145090217-4955SIZE 10 37145100217-4956SIZE 11 37145110217-4957SIZE 6 37175060 217-4987SIZE 6 48701060217-4958SIZE 7 37175070 217-4988SIZE 7 48701070217-4959SIZE 8 37175080 217-4990SIZE 8 48701080217-4960SIZE 9 37175090 217-4991SIZE 9 48701090217-4961SIZE 10 37175100 217-4992SIZE 10 48701100217-4962SIZE 11 37175110 217-4993SIZE 11 48701110Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing17'