b'TEST & MEASUREME NTIPS SERIES MULTIPLE OUTPUT PROGRAMMABLEDIGITAL CALIPER NALINEAR DC POWER SUPPLIES Clear LCD display2,3, and 4 Independent isolated output Stainless Steel constructionUser-friendly operation, coarse/fine volume control Origin settingUSB standard interface Switchable On/OffLow noise achieved by a smart cooling fan achieving Thumbwheel for fine adjustmentDigital panel control (rotary encoder switch,Knurled locking screwrubber key with indicator) Supplied with batteryTracking series and parallel mode - The tracking series mode guarantees higher output voltage, while the tracking parallel mode guarantees higher output current.841-2518 150MM/6"841-2511 200MM/8"123-3558 2CH,180W PROGRAMMABLE LINEAR DC P/S 841-2515 300MM/12"EXTERNAL DIGITALNA METRIC EXTERNALNA TUBULAR ROD INSIDENAMICROMETER MICROMETER SET MICROMETERExternal, digital micrometer External metric micrometer set Accuracies of 0.01mm.Metric and imperial units Minimum measurement of 0 mm Ranges of 50 to 600mm.Minimum measurement of 0 mm Maximum measurement of 150 mm Non-glare satin chrome barrel and sleeve.Maximum measurement of 25 mm Resolution of 0.01 mm Each set consists of a micrometer Resolution of 0.001 mm Accuracy of 0.004 mm head with locking screw.Accuracy of 0.002 mm Set contains six micrometers, setting Electronic LCD screen rods and adjustment toolsBattery operated705-1229 0-25MM/0-1IN 705-1213 0 MM 150 MM 785-7847 50-250MMCYLINDERS WITH PRINTEDPRESSOL MEASURE JUGNAGRADUATIONS (CLASS B) WITH LID AND FLEX SPOUTISO 6706 compliant cylinders in ultra-clear PP Flexible spout and lidEnhanced pin-sharp blue-printed graduations Oil, acid and fuel resistantPolypropylene bottles with good chemical resistance Ergonomic designStable hexagonal base with an anti-suction design thatDurable and stableprevents the base from sticking to a wet surface German, English and American scale divisions461-0831 10ML (PACK OF 10)461-0847 25ML (PACK OF 10)461-0853 50ML (PACK OF 10)461-0869 100ML (PACK OF 5)461-0875 250ML 703-11021L461-0881 500ML 703-11052L461-0904 1000ML 703-11093L461-0910 2000ML 703-11185LVISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.31'