b'PROXIMITY, PHOTOELECTRIC & PRESSURE SENSORSBARREL INDUCTIVENA TELEMECANIQUE SENSORSNA INDUCTIVE PROXIMITYNAPROXIMITY SENSOR REFLECTOR SENSORS OSISENSE XS Twice nominal sensing distance A range of square reflectors forSERIES GLAND TERMINALFlush mount use with the OsiSense XU seriesFlat form (block) 40 x 40 x 117.Fast switching frequency of Photoelectric sensors Best in class quality and immunity IP65, IP67, IP69K to harsh industrial environments.444-3271 M12, SR 4MM, PNP, IP69KXS612B1PAM12444-3293 M18, SR 8MM, PNP, IP69KXS618B1PAM12 281-1739 DIM:24 X 21MMXUZC24 179-9936 15MM DETECTION 24 240V XS7C4A1MPP20444-3287 M18, SR 8MM, PNP, 2MXS618B1PAL2 281-1751 DIM: 50 X 50MMXUZC50 179-9939 20MM DETECTION 24 240V XS8C4A1MPP20444-3366 M30, SR 15MM, IP69KXS630B1MAL2 324-1585 DIM: 100 X 100MMXUZC100 179-9940 20 MM DETECTION 12 48V D XS8C4A1PCP20INDUCTIVE PROXIMITYNA M8, M12 AND M18NA OSISENSE XMLA PRESSURENASENSORS OSISENSE XSINDUCTIVE SENSORS SWITCHESSERIES CABLE TERMINAL LED status display Are used to control the pressure of hydraulic Forms part of the OsiSensePlastic body oils, fresh water, sea water, air, steam, XS range of products Operating temperature range -25+70C corrosive fluids, or viscous products. Cylindrical M18 sensor design Reverse polarity and short circuitThe XMLA pressure and vacuum 62mm size protection (dc types only) switches have a fixed differential 8mm nominal sensing distance Flush or non flush mount versions and are for detection of a single threshold.Frontal detection face Fixed differentialExternal pressure setting Sensor type - inductive proximity sensor window available1 NO & 1 NC snap acting contactsTemperature range: 25 to +70 CEnclosure rating: IP65 with plug-in connector, IP66 with 324-1226 M8, SR 2.5MM, PNP, 2M XS4P08PA340 terminal connectionsOperating rate: up to 324-1248 M12, SR 4MMM, PNP, 2M XS4P12PA340 120 operations / min. 324-1254 M12, SR 4MM, PNP, M12 XS4P12PA340D for diaphragm and 60 / min. for piston324-1311 M18, SR 8MM, PNP, 2M XS4P18PA370609-7331 M18, SR 15MM, PNP,2M XS4P30PA370609-7230 M18, SR 5MM, PNP, M12 XS1M18KP340D609-7280 M18, SR 8MM, PNP,2M XS4P18KP340 361-3413 10-160BAR M20 XMLA160D2S12444-3344 AC/DC SENSOR,M18 XS618B1MAL2 772-9874 M18, SR 20MM, M12, SS XS918R4PAM12 361-3429 20-300BAR M20 XMLA300D2S12CYLINDRICAL ULTRASONICNA MULTIMODE PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORXS INDUCTIVE PROXIMITYNASENSOR WITH COMPACT SENSOR SENSORS - NICKEL PLATED IP67 rated Four modes of detection in one unit BRASSM18 cylindrical body Easy set-up at the touch of a button General purpose.PNP switched output Self teach precise set-up multi-mode detection Cylindrical (barrel) M18.Precise object detection of any material Sensing distance dependent on mode of operation Size 51 mm.Through Beam Functionality using additionalFixed body, Flush mountable.light source (thru-beam accessory) Nickel plated brass, PPS Front.Programmable NO/NC switching Discrete signal, 4-wire.Connection: pre-cabled or plug-in connector (M12 4 pin male) Output 1 NO + 1 NC, DC circuit, PNP.IP67 Protection rating Male connector M12, 4 pins.Operating temperature range -15+55 C612-2229 M18 PNP NO, 0.5M XX518A3PAM12 133-6320 M18 SR 5MM XS1N18PC410D612-2128 M30 PNP NO8M XX630A3PCM12 455-4983 COMPACT 50 X 50 PLASTIC BODY XUK0ARCTL2 144-9711 M30 SR 30MM XS630B5PAM12Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing63'