b'FANS & ACCESSORIES GREENTECH EC ENERGY EFFICIENT FANSACI 4400 SERIES SLEEVE BEARING AXIAL FANSThe ACi 4400 series utilises motors with GreenTech ECElectronic protection against reverse polaritytechnology offering enhanced performance with aImpedance protected against blocking and overloadingfraction of the energy usage of conventional motors.Fibreglass-reinforced plasticHigh pressure and airflow can also beIntegrated electronic commutationachieved with a low operating noise. A wide selection of speeds are available with varying nominal voltages. These units are equipped with maintenance free ball bearings and have a service life of more than 62,500 hours, reducing maintenance costs.810-4113 119 X 119 X 38MM, 195265 V AC ACI4420HHR 322-4445 40.9CU.M/H24VDC 614NGNHIGH PERFORMANCE BALLNA W2S130 TUBEAXIAL ACNA CENTRIFUGAL FANS ANDNABEARING FANS FANS BLOWERSBACKWARD Material: fibreglass-reinforced plastic Compact dimensions, enables fans toCURVED BLADESFully integrated electronic commutation be incorporated into equipment whereA solution to a wide range of Protected against reversecomponent mounting space is limited. application requirements and are polarity and locking Robust aluminium construction,ideally suited for intake suction use. Connected via single strands AWGideal for industrial applications. Used for intake suction using backward 24, TR 64. Bared and tin-plated. Black coated sheet steel impeller, directlycurved blades, do not require a scroll welded onto rotor. housingincreasing ease Expertly designedof use and versatility.aerodynamic fan blades supporting excellent efficiency and low noise levels.Impedance protected shaded pole motor, protects the fan motors from burning out if the rotor locks.Maintenance free ball bearing system, supporting excellent performance and life expectancy825-7686 220MM DIA, 115V R2E220-AA44-98222-294 360CU.M/H 24VDC 7214N 771-9108 150MM 380CU.M/H 230V W2S130-AA03-01 825-7670 220MM DIA, 230V R2E220-AA40-80RADICAL EC CENTRIFUGAL FANS AXIAL FAN FINGERNA BACK DRAUGHT SHUTTERS NAThe ebm-papst RadiCal backward curved ECGUARDS To prevent back draughtsfan offers higher performance for less power. Industrial standard size zinc platedLightweight blades and square Low-pressure centrifugal solutions steel finger guards for axial fans opening provide maximum free Fitted with highly efficient GreenTech EC motor 4 standard fixing points exceptarea when the fan is operatingAerodynamic shape reduces noise emissions 172 x 172 which has 2 points Blades close under gravity when Hybrid construction makes impellersthe fan airflow ceaseshighly corrosion-resistant All components are light grey and EC control options available UV stabilised to provide a long life233-9401 225HX225WMM 78128-2-4039810-4131 R1G175-AB63-59 581-470 127HX127WMM 09496-2-4039 414-1802 630MM WSK 63Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing81'