b'TEST & MEASUREDET4TC2 EARTH TESTER NA AVO830 HANDHELDNA AVO DCM 300E NAAutomatic P spike and C spike check DIGITAL MULTIMETER Fully IEC1010-1 and IEC101-2-032 compliant Choice of 2, 3 or 4 terminal measurements IP54 environmental protection for circuits up to 500V phase to phase or Clamp input for no-disconnectPhase rotation 300V phase to earth CAT III or 600V CAT IItesting (requires ICLAMP) High / Low sensitivity live circuit detection 30mA and 300mA ranges for Clamp inputs for stakeless testing10 M / 10 k input impedance leakage current measurement(requires ICLAMP and VCLAMP) MIN / MAX / AVG / Smoothing 0.01mA resolution on 30mA rangeEarth current range (requires ICLAMP)489-664 200K CAT IV 100 V 1000-345 136-7898 1007-494 247-0142 DCM300ERCDT310-EN-BS RCDNA TDR1000/3 TIME DOMAINNA MIT515, INSULATION TESTER NATESTER, RCD TEST TYPE ACREFLECTOMETERS 10 T (5 kV) / 20 T (10 kV) SELECTIVE, DC SELECTIVE,Dual cursors providing an instant indicationmax. insulation resistanceRCD TEST CURRENT of the distance between two points Timed IR plus PI and DAR diagnostic testsTests 30mA, 100mA, 300mAAuto set up for instant use Operate with dead battery and 500mA rated RCDs Auto selected output impedancewhen on line power/mains1/2x I, I, 5x I tests standard, DC and selective RCDs (between 25ohm, 50ohm, 75ohm and 100ohm) Rapid charge Li-ion battery Ultra-fast pulse for near end fault identificationup to 6 hrs continuous testing (5 kV)0 or 180 polarity tests on all RCDs Trace HOLD feature to allow comparison between cables Dedicated voltmeter function (30 V to 660 V)Selective breakers have a time delay in tripping. WhenDesigned for use on all metallic cable pairs CATIV 600 V safety ratingselected, trip test times are extended and a 30s delayLarge LCD display with automatic backlightis allowed between the measurement of the fault voltage and the application of the test current Noise filterrejects up to 3 mA noiseSelectable touch voltage inhibit and touch voltage display on the analogue bargraph712-5737500MA CAT III 300V RCDT310-EN-BS 764-2825 5000M 001-788 765-9586 5000V, 10T, CAT IV 1001-938PAT150-AU PAT TESTER MFT1825 MULTIFUNCTION TESTER, MIT 410 MK2 SERIESNAThe PAT150 model has test groups available forEARTH RESISTANCE MEASUREMENTINSULATION & CONTINUITY Class I, Class II and Extension/Power leads WITH EUROPE MAINS TESTERSSimple Tick/Cross, pass/fail indication plus measurement Simple colour-coded test selection and largeStabilised insulation test voltageIncludes 250 V Insulation and Leakage testing forclear backlit display for ease of use 600 V TRMS AC and DC safe IT testing and surge protected devices Two and three wire non-trip loop testingvoltage measurementTesting portable and fixed electrical equipment for RCD protected circuits Live circuit detection and protection10 mA and 30 mA Portable RCD lead testing Internal memory and Bluetooth communications CAT IV 600 V & IP54Adjustable PASS test limits Type-B RCD and 3-phase RCD testing forWeatherproof, Substitute and Mains powered leakage testing industrial applications with no Earth rated to IP54Tough, rubber armoured with built-in front cover, hardened, scratch proof display window823-0420 CLASS I, CLASS II TEST TYPE 1003-077 901-1330 1000V MFT1825-AU 921-4510 1000V, 200G MIT410/2Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food26RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'