b'FIBRE OPTIC & LOAD CELL SENSORS Fibre optic sensors are a type of proximity sensor that have an optical fibre connected to a light source to allow for detection in tight spaces or where a small profile is beneficial. The optical fibre is a transparent fibre made of glass (silica) or plastic with a diameter slightly thicker than a human hair, this fibre transmits light between the two FIBRE OPTIC SENSORS PRODUCTS Buy this and more at rspro.comends to produce an electrical signal.Fibre Optic SensorsFIBRE OPTIC TYPE OUTPUT TYPE SUPPLY VOLTAGE IP RATING POWERDETECTIONSTOCK NOCONSUMPTION RANGEPlastic NPN 24V DC IP54 1.44W with 896-7298 =204-0681110 -290mmPlastic PNP 24V DC IP54 1.44W with 896-7285 =204-0682300 - 800mmImage for illustrative purposes onlySuitable ProbesLoad cells, often called load cell transducers, are crucial components in most industrial weighing systems. They are available in many different configurations and standards, depending on the intended application and FIBRE OPTIC SENSORS FIBRE OPTIC SENSORSenvironment.Among the various different types of load cells available, models and styles can be differentiated in two key ways: 1.By the specific method they use to detect weight (compression load cells, tension load cells and other 110mm 500mmmeasurement types).Note: Fibre optic probes are not exchangeable across brands!2.By the type of output signal generated (hydraulic load cells, piezoelectric load cells and various other configurations). Buy this and more at rspro.comLOAD CELLS PRODUCTSLoad Cell SensorsFORCE MEASURED MEASUREMENT RANGE MIN/MAX (KG) OUTPUT TYPE IP RATING MAX VOLTAGE STOCK NORS PRO Factory Automation Sensors Selection Guide Go online to see the full range 25Compression 0.3 - 3 PNP IP67 15V 204-2767Compression 5 - 20 PNP IP66 10V 204-2772Compression 5 - 500 PNP IP68 15V 204-2765Compression 10 - 100 PNP IP67 15V 204-2770Compression 50 - 1000 PNP IP66 15V 204-2768Compression 50 - 1000 PNP IP68 10V 204-2764Image for illustrative purposes only Compression 60 - 1200 PNP IP67 15V 204-2771Compression 500 - 3000 PNP IP68 15V 204-2766Compression & Tension 1 - 500 PNP IP66 10V 204-2773RS PRO Factory Automation Sensors Selection Guide Go online to see the full range 2770'