b'FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRYTEST & MEASUREMENTConfidently measure with our extensive range from industry leading brands you trust for accuracy.Test & Measurement HighlightsBrowse and shop the entire range of test & measurement products online at au.rs-online.com.DPI 705E AND DPI 705E-ISHANDHELDDATA LOGGERSPRESSURE INDICATORS 3 data loggers for monitoring chilled 48 pressure ranges from 25 mbar to 1,400 bar (1.69 psi to 20,000 psi) goods, frozen goods and ripening goodsTotal 1 year uncertainty 0.05% full scale over -10C to +50C temp range No setup required. One button Remote plug + play pressure and Resistance Temperature Detector sensors press-to-start loggingTemperature measurement DPI705E Safe Area pressure indicator accuracy is 0.5CDPI705EIS Hazardous Area pressure indicator201-2871 200 BAR, HAZARDOUS AREA DPI705EIS-1-02G-P1-H1-U0-OP0201-2877 70 BAR, HAZARDOUS AREA DPI705EIS-1-16G-P1-H1-U0-OP0201-2885 2 BAR, HAZARDOUS AREADPI705EIS-2-07G-P1-H1-U0-OP0 910-7068 CHILLED GOODS HIGH 8C LOW 2C EL-CC-1-001201-2870 70 BAR, SAFE AREA DPI705E-1-16G-P1-H0-U0-OP0 910-7062 FROZEN GOODS HIGH -16C LOW -20C EL-CC-1-002201-2878 350 BAR, SAFE AREA DPI705E-2-03G-P1-H0-U0-OP0 910-7071 RIPENING GOODS HIGH 14C LOW 12C EL-CC-1-003201-2867 10 BAR, SAFE AREA DPI705E-1-11G-P1-H0-U0-OP0 111-8087 WATERPROOF BAG EL-CC-BAGNON-CONTACT INFRAREDHCB INDUSTRIAL HANGING BALANCES KEYSIGHT U1168A STANDARD THERMOMETER Adjusting program (CAL) MULTIMETER TEST LEAD KITMedical grade infrared temperature detectorStainless steel snap link with safety catch and 15 mm aperture Test leads, Test probe (19-mm tips), Test probe Designed with a double moulded plasticUp to 200 kg weighing range (4-mm tips), Alligator Clips, Fine Tip Test Probes, housing with ergonomic grip for ultimateSMT Grabber and Mini Grabber (black only)user comfort and to allow continuous use over extended periods of timeBuilt-in laser targeting with a 1 cm to 10 cm measurement range, allows for better and more accurate targeting to ensure optimum measurement accuracy and precise non-contact temperature readings using the Body or Surface Temperature functionsIn Body temperature range of +32C to +42.5C with an accuracy of 0.3C201-0210 DT-8806 700-7055 200KG CAPACITYHCB 200K500 760-0373 19MM AND 4MM PROBE TIPS U1168ABrowse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food22RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'