b'www.HARTING.aePOWER CONNECTORSwww.HARTING.atThe real recipe for success forHARTING HAN F+B FOOD AND BEVERAGE CONNECTOR SYSTEM NA www.HARTING.com.auwww.HARTING.beHAN A SIZE 3 A STANDARD Data, Signal and Power:Consisting of housings, hoods, inserts and covers has been designed specificallywww.HARTING.com.brMETAL HOODS AND for use within the demanding food and beverage industry HOUSINGSwww.HARTING.caSlim, space saving design;www.HARTING.chRobust diecast zinc construction;the Han F+B Inserts. Locking l w.HARTING.com.cn NAww evers for a secure connection;Range of mounting options and cable entry angles;www.HARTING.czIP67 protection using seal screwwww.HARTING.dewww.HARTING.dkwww.HARTING.eswww.HARTING.fiThe Han F+B is the first connector for the food industry that canHARTING.com www.HARTING.frbe configured with 25 different inserts. It can be used to transferwww.HARTING.co.ukthe gateway to yourwww.HARTING.com.hkbus systems, signals or power with contacts up to 40 A. country website. www.HARTING.huwww.HARTING.co.in201-8862 INSERT MALE, 4 CONTACT, 20A 09155123002201-8864 INSERT FEMALE, 4 CONTACT, 20A 09155123102 www.HARTING.it885-6097 INSERT FEMALE, 4+4 CONTACT, 16A 09155083101 www.HARTING.co.jp885-6088 INSERT MALE, 4+4 CONTACT, 16A NA 09155083001 www.HARTING.co.kr NA885-6066 BULKHEAD HOUSING 09155030301885-6075 BULKHEAD HOUSING 09 15 503 0901 www.HARTINGbv.nl885-6078 PROTECTIVE COVER FOR USE WITH HOUSING BULKHEAD MOUNTING 09 15 503 5401 www.HARTING.no885-6072 PROTECTIVE COVER FOR USE WITH HOOD 09 15 503 5411 473-1714 M20 METRIC TOP ENTRY HOOD 19200031440www.HARTING.pl201-8865 CONNECTOR HOOD 19 15 503 1701 181-0729 STRAIGHT PANEL MOUNT HOUSING 09200030301www.HARTING.ptHOOD CABLE PLUG + MALE INSERT HANww.HARTING.row ATwo-part packs that provide towards the assembly of HartingINSERTSHan E metal-bodied cable plugs, cable couplingwww.HARTING.ruSlim constructionhoods, bulkhead/panel mounting housings, and surface mounting housing sockets.,Screw terminal connection., Pol www. scr ARTING.sees: 3-16 ( H ew connection)Each pack contains a hood or housing, and male or female insert., www.HARTING.sgAll the individual components are available separately from within the relevant Ranges of inserts, hoods, andwww.HARTING.skhousings.,All are rated at 450500V, and 16A,Suitable cable glands are available separately www.HARTING.com.trwww.HARTING.com.twwww.HARTING-USA.comwww.HARTING.co.za492-5458 6 WAY, 16.0A, 500.0 V 09330062601+19300061540 181-0870 3P+E SOCKET INSERT,10A 230/400V 09200032711HAN E HEAVY DUTY POWERNA HAN E INSERTS NACONNECTOR INSERT Poles: 6-48 (screw connection Han Thermocouple insert connectors for wire csa 2.5mm;temperature measurement conductors, idealThe 32 and 48 pole versions require two for use within injection moulding machines.contact inserts per connector half; a standard insert numbered 1 to 16 or 1 to These inserts allow mixed loading24 pole insert (m) or (f) together with oneHARTING Han F+Bof thermocouple crimp contactsnumbered 17 to 32 or numbered 25 to 48 insert (m) or (f).;and standard contacts within one insert.A clean connection.MO/2015-04-02/3.098 42 954 0201Version 1HARTING Technology Group842-7756 10 CONTACTS, 16A, FEMALE 09330102791512-5261 46 CONTACTS, 16A, MALE 09320463001 114-8175 6P+E PLG INSERT,16A 400-500VAC 09330062601de@HARTING.comwww.HARTING.comHARTING Han F+BBrowse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing53'