b'CAPACITIVE SENSO RSCapacitive proximity sensors feature a pair of parallel plates, similar to a standard capacitor. They work when an object produces changes in capacitance, triggering the sensor. Capacitive sensors are designed for use with non-ferrous materials and are ideal for close-range applications such as level detection and monitoring.Capacitive sensors can be affected by their environment and possible interaction with other sensors. This could include anything from the ambient temperature to other objects in the vicinity. As a result of this, precautions PROXIMITY CAPACITIVE SENSORS PRODUCTS Buy this and more at rspro.comshould be taken when installing these sensors to avoid interference from other objects or sensors.Flush MountTHREAD SIZE DETECTION RANGE (MM) TERMINAL TYPE OUTPUT TYPE IP RATING STOCK NOM12x1 2 2m Cable NPN-NOIP67 184-5578M12x1 2 2m Cable NPN-NOIP67 184-5582M12x1 2 2m Cable PNP-NOIP67 184-5584M12x1 2 M12 NPN-NOIP67 184-5579M12x1 2 M12 NPN-NOIP67 184-5583Image for illustrative purposes only M12x1 2 M12 PNP-NOIP67 184-5585- 5 2m Cable NPN-NOIP67 184-5569- 5 2m Cable PNP-NOIP67 184-5570M18x1 5 2m Cable NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5593M18x1 5 2m Cable NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5604M18x1 5 2m Cable PNP-NO/NCIP67 184-5596M18x1 5 2m Cable PNP-NO/NCIP67 184-5606M18x1 5 2m Cable NO IP67 184-5591M18x1 5 M12 NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5594M18x1 5 M12 NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5605M18x1 5 M12 PNP-NO/NCIP67 184-5607M18x1 5 M12 NO IP67 184-5592M18x1 Buy this and more at rspro.comPROXIMITY CAPACITIVE SENSORS PRODUCTS 5 M12 NO IP67 184-5603M30x1,5 10 2m Cable NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5615Non-flush MountTHREAD SIZEGo online tDETECo see the full rTION RANGE (angeMM) 20RS PRO Factory Automation Sensors Selection Guide TERMINAL TYPE OUTPUT TYPE IP RATING STOCK NOM12x1 4 2m Cable NPN-NOIP67 184-5580M12x1 4 2m Cable NPN-NOIP67 184-5586M12x1 4 2m Cable PNP-NOIP67 184-5588M12x1 4 M12 NPN-NOIP67 184-5581M12x1 4 M12 NPN-NOIP67 184-5587Image for illustrative purposes only M12x1 4 M12 PNP-NOIP67 184-5590- 8 M12 NPN-NOIP67 184-5571M18x1 8 2m Cable NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5599M18x1 8 2m Cable NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5609M18x1 8 2m Cable PNP-NO/NCIP67 184-5611M18x1 8 2m Cable NO IP67 184-5597M18x1 8 M12 NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5600M18x1 8 M12 NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5610M18x1 8 M12 PNP-NO/NCIP67 184-5601M18x1 8 M12 PNP-NO/NCIP67 184-5612M18x1 8 M12 NO IP67 184-5598M18x1 8 M12 NO IP67 184-5608- 10 2m Cable NPN-NOIP67 184-5577M30x1,5 15 2m Cable NPN-NO/NCIP67 184-5622RS PRO Factory Automation Sensors Selection Guide Go online to see the full range 22VISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.69'