b'OMRON SENSING SOLUTIONSChoosing the right detectionE2FM Stainless SteelE3S-DB TransparentER Series Stainless Steel Inductive Sensors Object Sensor Rope Pullcomponents can improveOne-piece 303 stainless steel body resists damage E3S-DB sensor provides most reliable The ER series stainless steel bodiedcaused by impact or harsh chemicals detection of all kinds of transparentsafety rope pull is designed to be Thicker sensing face for superior mechanicalobjects such as PET bottles, glasstough and durable for even the bottles or transparent trays most demanding applicationsmachine availability and reducedurability, wear resistance Choice of Smart Teach enabling fastRope pull switches eliminate the 20% greater sensing range (10mm) on M30 set up or trimmer sensitivity adjustment need for numerous E-stop buttons versus the CENELEC standard 8mm reducing installation time and costsNarrow beam types the risk of contamination Surge suppressor, load short-circuit protection, detecting smallest gaps Supports spans up to 80m and choice of connection format integral tension indicator makes Proven for environments system setup & maintenance easyin the Food & Beverage industry IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure enables the switchto withstand water wash down cleaning615-8290 M8, Sr 1.5mm, PNP M12 - E2FM-X1R5B1-M1 617-0587 M12, Sr 2mm, PNP M12 - E2FM-X2B1-M1831-5971 0.7m, PNP, M12, Smart Teach 617-0593 M18, Sr 5mm, PNP M12 -E2FM-X5B1-M1831-5969 4.5m, PNP, M12, Smart Teach 831-5975 0.7m, PNP, M12, Trimmer Adj. 617-0616 M30, Sr 10mm, PNP M12 - E2FM-X10B1-M1831-5978 4.5m, PNP, M12, Trimmer Adj.757-9121Stainless Steel Rope Pull + Reset & E-Stop E3ZM-V Colour Mark Sensor -E3Z-M PET Transparent Bottle SensorStainless Steel A transparent object sensor which uses a detection methodA detergent & corrssion resistantthat is independent of bottle shape, position, and contentscolour mark sensor in a robustAutomatic compensation against effectsstainless steel 316L housing of contamination and temperatureDesigned to provide reliableDetects transparent objects made by PET, resin, and glassWith the day to day pressures toDetection components which are not designeddetection of all common printIdeal for Food, Drink, Packaging, and marks in packaging applicationsremain competitive and keep yourto operate under these tough environmentalWhite LED for stable detection of Pharmaceutical manufacturing operationsproduction process running, sometimesconditions will often fail prematurely, which indifferently colored print marksturn will result in machine down time to rectifyEasy-to-use teach-in buttonthe simple things can be forgotten. the problem. A single instance of machineor remote dynamic teachTaking steps to avoid potential processunavailability is costly and will have an adverseFast response time of 50scontamination can help to drasticallyeffect on manufacturing efficiency, but far reduce the risk of lost production,too often this issue is repetitive as the product substandard product reaching yourselection is not changed, resulting in reoccurring end customer and the possible negativeissues, further costs and increasing inefficiencies.impact to your business reputation. A more pertinent issue, especially in458-222 PNP 2m Cable - E3ZM-V81 2M458-553 Transparent sensor NPN M12 - E3ZM-B66 applications around primary food458-226 PNP M8 Conn. - E3ZM-V66OMS458-569 Transparent sensor PNP M12 - E3ZM-B86 Dan Rossek, Regional Marketing Managerprocessing, where maintaining hygiene and458-232 PNP M8 Conn.- E3ZM-V86458-575 Transparent sensor PNP, 2m - E3ZM-B81 2M - Omron Electronics, offers his opinion on eliminating contamination is a priority.As well as chemical resistance, Omron offer458-238 NPN 2m Cable - E3ZM-V61 2M458-579 Transparent sensor NPN, 2m - E3ZM-B61 2M selecting fit for purpose detection components, taking into consideration the requirementsThe cleaning process can lead to manyproducts tested to the highest water ingress of the environment and the applicationchallenges for detection components, as theprotection of IP69k, to ensure operationalE3FC Stainless Steel Photoelectric Sensors F3S-TGR Hygienic Door Safety Switchesneeds. All of which can often be overlookedaggressive chemicals used to maintain hygiene,longevity, even under high pressure andThe E3FC compact M18 sensor offers class-leading protection in Non-contact switches for interlock hinge,leading to undesirable consequences. will easily corrode common materials used intemperature cleaning regimes.A wide range ofwash-down applications or where harshsliding or removable guard doorsstandard detection devices.Omron products are also tested and certifiedchemicals are being handled IP67 Stainless steel constructionHigh grade stainless steel housing (316L) ideally suited to high hygiene for chemical resistance by independentwith proven resistance to industrialdemands in the food industryThis situation can lead toagencies and manufacturers, includingdetergents of Ecolab and Diversey Long sensing range to avoid falsecontamination of the product,Ecolab and Diversey to ensure suitabilityWithstands heat shock conditions signals due to mis-aligned doorthrough the transfer of the corrodedand offer piece of mind to manufacturers. Epoxy resin at connector/cable Hall effect coded switch have LED material on to the raw food product.end preventing water ingress indication, electronic output and upThe result of this can be considerableBright visible red LED enabling easy alignment to 3 can be connected in seriesReed switches can switch 1mA, 10 VDC financial costs to manufacturersand up to 6 can be connected in seriesthrough product recalls and potential loss of brand reputation.Often detection components are located atOmron recognise the need to develop products816-0311 Diffuse Sensor 0.3m, NPN - E3F-CDN12 2m Cable820-3847 Small Coded switch, 2NC/1NO, 10m cable the front end of the manufacturing process,which are fit for purpose for applications in816-0321 Diffuse Sensor 0.3m, PNP - E3F-CDP12 2m Cable820-3840 Small Coded switch, 2NC/1NO, M12 conn. close to the raw product and it is in theseprocessing industries and offer a wide range situations that selecting a fit for purposeof solutions which have been designed to work816-0315 Diffuse Sensor 1m, NPN - E3F-CDN13 2m Cable820-3844 Small Reed switch, 2NC/1NO, 10m cable detection component is most critical. Often, duein these tough environments. Components816-0330 Diffuse Sensor 1m, PNP - E3F-CDP13 2m Cable820-3853 Small Reed switch, 2NC/1NO, M12 conn. to hygiene requirements, these areas will bemanufactured in food grade stainless steel816-0309 Retroreflective Sensor 0.5m, PNP - E3F-CBP11 2m Cable820-3856 Miniature Coded switch, 2NC/1NO, 10m cable subjected to regular cleaning processes, involving(SUS316L) and other materials which are816-0318 Retroreflective Sesnor 2m, PNP - E3F-CBP21 2m Cable820-3850 Miniature Coded switch, 2NC/1NO, M12 conn. high pressure / temperature wash down andinert to the effects of cleaning agents,816-0365 Retroreflective Sensor 4m, NPN - E3F-CRN11 2m Cable820-3869 Miniature Reed switch, 2NC/1NO, 10m cable often involving aggressive chemical agents.has been a priority for several years. 816-0371 Retroreflective Sensor 4m, PNP - E3F-CRP11 2m Cable820-3862 Miniature Reed switch, 2NC/1NO, M12 conn.'