b'PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENTX-FIT UNATTACHEDNA PHEOS SPECTACLES NADISPOSABLE EAR PLUGS Excellent peripheral visionErgonomic shape and low expansionLightweight design with ergonomic features pressure for comfortable fitting Arms with advanced ventilation systemPressure build up on outer ear canalNo metal partsreduced due to patented x-recess Fully recyclableUnique comfort maximises wearer comfort Anti Scratch & Anti FogEasy removal AS/NZS 1337.1 Lime colour for hi-visability MEDIUM IMPACT768-9057 BLACK/GRAY FRAME, GREY LENS 9192-300768-9051 BLACK/GRAY FRAME, CLEAR LENS9192-302768-9152 26DB (PACK OF 200 PAIRS) XF-PB 768-9079LIGHT GRAY/GRAY FRAME, CLEAR LENS9192-310ULTRAVISION 9301 SAFETYNA X-ONE SPECTACLES NAGOGGLES Lightweight wraparound styleFull vision safety goggle withCold formable arms for an individual fitunrestricted side visibility providedStraight arms with extra ventilationby 180 panorama lens Dust and impact reducing browguardFits over most prescription spectaclesEasy to clean lensesAnatomical shape and softChemical resistant lensesmaterial allow close, yet comfortable, fit No metal partsAS/NZS 1337.1 MEDIUM IMPACT Fully recyclableAS/NZS 1337.1 medium impact768-9111 BLUE FRAME CLEAR LENS 9170-001DP262-6604 CLEAR, ANTI-MIST9301-614 768-9114 CLEAR FRAME CLEAR LENS 9170-005DPULTRASONIC 9302 SAFETYNA SPECTACLE CLEANING STATIONGOGGLES Wall mounted lens cleaning stationUV protection Four boxes of 450 non-abrasive absorbent tissuesNew design that incorperates bothMirror, mounting screws and adhesive stickershard and soft elements giving a much lighter but sturdier goggle. Soft flexible component adapts to the wearers face giving more comfort and safety with improved vision. AS/NZS 1337.1 medium impact443-1385 ULTRASONIC SPEC CLR/ORG 9302345 262-6058 LENS CLEANING STATION1007Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing19'