b"TEST TOOLS - MULTIMETERS, THERMOMETERS, CLAMP METERSFLUKE T6 NA FLUKE 117 HANDHELDNA FLUKE 773 MILLIAMPNAELECTRICAL TESTERS DIGITAL MULTIMETER PROCESS CLAMP METERFieldSenseTM lets you measure voltageVoltAlert Technology for integrated non- Measure 4 to 20 mA signals and current at the sametime without leads contact voltage detection AutoVolt featurewithout breaking the loopAutomatically measuresfor automatic AC/DC voltage selection Source/simulate 4 to 20 mA signals and AC & DC volts LoZ: Low input impedance to0-10V DC and provide loop powerDisplays resistanceeliminate stray voltageBest in class accuracy of 0.2% up to 1000 Large white LED backlight with 0.01mA resolution146-2607 600 V, 200.0 A T6-600146-2605 1000 V, 200.0 A, 45 HZ66 HZ T6-1000 616-1460 10A AC 600V AC 10A DC 600V DCFLUKE 117 EUR 669-3493 FLUKE-773FLUKE 62 MAXNA FLUKE 789NA FLUKE TIS55+ THERMAL THERMOMETERS PROCESSMETERCAMERAFluke's MAX series are precise and0-20 mA DC current source/ 256 x 192 infrared resolutiondesigned to resist a 3 meter drop loop calibrator/simulator withManual and fixed focusIP54 rated for dust and water resistance auto and manual step/ramp Measure up to 550 CAbsolute maximum temperatureOffers HART mode setting with loop- Engineered to measurement +650C power and a built-inwithstand 2 meter drop250 ohm resistorProvides all standard DMM capabilities including V, A, Hz, Diode test and continuity760-0385 FLUKE 62 MAX760-0389 FLUKE-62 MAX+ 447-7707 1AFLUKE 789 215-3172 FLUKE-TIS55+FLUKE 325 CLAMP METER NA FLUKE 179 HANDHELDNA FLUKE 754 DOCUMENTINGNAThe Fluke 320 series True-RMS clampDIGITAL MULTIMETER PROCESS CALIBRATOR-meter measures current up to 400A AC/ A full-featured, precision multimeterHARTImmediate ROI with quick and easy leak detection. DC and voltage up to 600V AC/DC for troubleshooting electricalComplete pressure, temperature, This product is designed to verifyand electronic systems and mA loop calibratorthe presence of load current, ACDelivers accurate true-RMS AC currentTroubleshoot and calibrate HART smart voltage and continuity of circuits,and voltage plus frequency, capacitance,digital transmittersLeading-edge Fluke Ultrasonic Leak Detector onswitches, fuses and contacts resistance,Create calibration continuity and diodeprocedures and measurementsa touchscreen camera. Increases productivityautomatically with manual anddocument resultsautomatic ranging, Connect to calibration Immediately SEE your plant efficiency loss Display Hold, Automanagement softwareHold, and Min/Max-Did you know that compressed air can account for 40% of wastedaverage recordingelectricity? Locating leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems has been time-consuming and tediousuntil now.With the Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager your maintenance team can quickly pinpoint the location of compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks in a matter of minutes during production.765-3660 400A AC, 400A DC CAT III 600V, CATFLUKE 325IV 300V394-4492 10A AC 1000V AC 10A DC 1000V DCFLUKE-179 744-2527 FLUKE-754Organise a free demo with a Fluke specialist: Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodfluke.co/ii900RSRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing25"