b'CONNECTORS6000 SERIES CIRCULAR POWER CONNECTORS NA BUCANEER SERIES IN-LINENA2 - 22 Contacts CONNECCTORSPlastic or Metal Housing Screw terminationIP66, IP67, IP68 & IP69K protection Straight body orientationSecure, quick mating / releaseCable acceptance ranges cULus, UL, VDE Approvals between 6mm and 8mmEasy assembly, no special tools requiredIP68765-9652 FLEX CONNECTOR,2 WAY PIN CONTACTSPXP6010/02P/ST/0507765-9757 CHASSIS CONNECTOR,2W,SOCKET CONTACTSPXP6012/02S/ST765-9775 CHASSIS CONNECTOR,16W,PIN CONTACTSPXP6012/16P/CR 483-966 6WAY INLINE CABLE COUPLER SOCKET,3A PX0740/S/074000 SERIES CABLENA 900 SERIES CIRCULARNA BUCCANEER 900 SERIESNACONNECTORS POWER CONNECTORS FEMALE PANEL MOUNT Mates with flex cable and32A, 600V ac/dc max rating CONNECTORSpanel mount versions 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 10 contacts Water and dustproofIn-Line cable connection IP66, IP67, IP68 & IP69K protection Leading earth pinContacts supplied separately Single or 3 phase applications Scoop proof contactsCCC, UL, CSA & VDE approvals912-4868 3 POLE MALEPXP4010/03P/5560912-4950 3 POLE FEMALEPXP4011/03S/5560 344-3999 3 WAYPX0911/03/P912-4931 12 POLE FEMALEPXP4010/12S/6065 841-8932 10 WAYPX0911/10/P 344-4223 4 CONTACTSPX0931/04/S912-5072 12 POLE FEMALE, REARPXP4013/12S 344-4021 5 WAYPX0911/05/P 344-4245 5 CONTACTSPX0931/05/SPANEL MOUNTING SOCKETNA BUCCANEER STANDARDNA BUCCANEER SERIESNA/ COUPLER SEALED POWER2-POLES CIRCULAR FLEX Supplied cable glands accommodateCONNECTORS CABLE CONNECTORScable diameters 3.5 to 8mmIP68Screw terminationShielded connectors maintainUL94HB Housing Straight body orientationrequired screening Insulation Resistance of 104 M @ 500 VEasy assembly, no special tools requiredOverall diameter 38.1mm, dcOverall length 77.5mm275-5342 SCREW TERMINAL PLUGPX0745/P275-5364 SCREW TERMINAL SOCKETPX0745/S468-6232 PANEL MOUNTED COUPLERPX0833 275-5392 INLINE COUPLER PLUGPX0746/P 483-893 MALEPX0736/P468-6226 CABLE CONNECTORPX0834/B 275-5409 INLINE COUPLER SOCKETPX0746/S 489-532 FEMALEPX0736/SBrowse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing51'