b'POWER TRANSMISIO NDOUBLE UNIVERSAL JOINTNA SHAFT SEALS NA NITRILE O-RING CORD NAWITH NEEDLE BEARING Replaceable without damageAn economical and versatile solution Carbon steel universal joints forto the housing bore for creating seals on the job. connecting equipment where there is aNo need for circlips, sealantsYou can use it for applications as misalignment greater than 5 degreesor retaining plates diverse as engines and beer taps.up to an angle of 90 degrees.Length of 8.5 mFitted with needle bearings lubricated for a lifetime and requiring no maintenance, suitable for applications with speeds of up to 4000 rpm. Smooth and silent operation, suitable applications include connection of conveyers, line shafts and drive shafts.138-1600DIA. 2MM 211-9005 25X35X7MM 138-1602DIA. 3.5MM 211-9011 25X47X7MM 138-1604DIA. 4.0MM 211-9027 25X52X10MM 138-1605DIA. 4.5MM 211-9055 30X40X7MM 138-1607DIA. 5.33MM 790-6807 10MM BORE 211-9061 30X42X7MM 138-1606DIA. 5MM 790-6813 16MM BORE 211-9162 40X55X7MM 138-1608DIA. 6MM 790-6823 25MM BORE 211-8967 20X35X7MM 138-1610DIA. 8MM CHAIN TENSIONER CTC NA O-RING KIT VITONSTAINLESS STEEL SHAFT Considerably reduces driveEssential for all workshops and onsite service engineers COLLARSvibration and noise.Range of sizesno need to purchase individual O-Rings Industry standardIs truly fit and forget enabling high driveQuick identification and easy storageInterchangeablereliability and very low maintenance costs for multiple O-Ring sizes Common typeRobust casing suitable for transport Anti-corrosion finishThe kit contains 510 pieces in 18 different sizes75 Shore AThe material of the rings are resistant to petrol, oil and hydraulic oilViton A O-rings have a high chemical and temperature resistance alongside a low122-3452 BORE 12MMcompression set 122-3453 BORE 14MM122-3455 BORE 16MM122-3456 BORE 18MM122-3457 BORE 20MM122-3460 BORE 25MM122-3461 BORE 30MM901-0053 DIN CODE 12B-1, 420N 756-040 IMPERIAL 122-3449 BORE 6MM901-0047 DIN CODE 08B-1, 250N 245-9628 METRIC 122-3450 BORE 8MMSTAINLESS STEEL DEEPNA DELRIN SPUR GEARS NA GREEN ROUNDNAGROOVE BALL BEARINGS Tensile strength 94N/mm2 POLYURETHANE BELTShielded Hardness (Rockwell R) 110-120Hardness of 88 Type AGood radial load capacity 20 Pressure angle Minimum operating temperature of -30CIdeal for high speeds Maximum operating temperature of +80CLong operating life Not food certified188-329315X35X11MM188-329520X47X14MM188-328115X32X9MM 521-6991SPUR GEAR - 0.5 MODULE 15 TEETH188-333125X52X15MM 521-7231SPUR GEAR - 0.8 MODULE 12 TEETH 309-8123 5M L X 5MM DIA893-727225MM ID 47MM OD 521-7455SPUR GEAR - 0.8 MODULE 80 TEETH 309-8139 5M L X 6MM DIA893-73238MM ID 22MM OD 521-6064MITRE GEAR,1.5 MODULE 309-8145 5M L X 8MM DIAVISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.91'