b'ENCLOSUR ESIP66 STAINLESS STEEL WALL BOX WITH CHASSIS PLATE METAL LOCK NAAISI 304 Stainless Steel An effective enclosure locking device with IP66 rating a 5mm Double Barb lock configuration. Fully wall mountable The cam is designed to provide aLockable slide compression fit and operate through an angle of 90Bright chrome plated finishCam lead-in ensures compression of sealing gasket842-8399 200X200X150MM Max panel thickness 6mmGrip length 25mm842-8412 240X180X150MM842-8419 240X240X150MM842-8434 240X360X150MM842-8406 300X300X150MM842-8370 300X300X200MM842-8361 300X400X150MM842-8342 300X400X200MM842-8421 360X180X150MM842-8380 400X300X150MM842-8383 400X300X200MM842-8409 400X400X200MM842-8346 400X500X200MM 842-8478 RONIS TYPE KEY842-8374 500X500X200MM 842-8469 T TYPE KEYIP66 WALL BOXES GRP WALL BOXES WITH GLAZED DOORBody material is AISI 304 stainless steel sheets Fibre glass reinforced polyester construction IP66 rating offering excellent durability, long life and self Double lipped edges to ensure higher strength and ease of installation extinguishing properties up to 960C Easy to use, including removal of the door Glazed door, ideal for viewing the contents Door is fitted with a polyurethane gasket of the wall box without unlockingNeutral light grey colour ideal for use in a range of applicationsElectromagnetic compatibility eliminating electrical contact risksHigh impact and harsh atmosphere resistance758-6986 300X300X200MM758-6974 300X400X150MM758-6958 300X400X200MM758-6999 400X300X200MMA and IP66 SHEET STEEL WALL BOXES 758-6961 400X500X200MM 192-7123 400X400X200M NA758-6992 500X500X200MMCLEAR MAKROLON Steel structure, coated with anFRONTepoxy polyester powderTransparent lid with visibility IP66 rating to internal componentsEnclosure and the door is made from sheet steel Two-part, modular, glass fibre enclosures Fully wall mountableoffering excellent protectionPebble grey finish Removable chassis plates includedSelf extinguishing, resistant to ozone, built on trust. most oils, acids, bases and saltsTemperature range -50C to +160CWith over 60 years experience in Australian manufacturing, weve built excellence and innovation into everything we do. This is why B&R is the most trusted brand for stainless steel enclosures in the food and beverage industry.775-5791 MS WALL BOX WITH BRACKETS/CHASSIS PLATES 501-496 IP66 370X300X175MMTo view full range please visit:au.rs-online.com/brenclosures VISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.83'