b'PROCESS SOLUTIONSE5CC DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS (48 X 48MM) 2 CHANNEL DIGITAL DIN RAIL TIME Large white LCD displaySWITCH15.2 mm characters Independent Day Keys provide easier operation.Dual PV/SV 4-digit display Temporary holiday setting function makes it easy to turn 50 ms high-speed sampling OFF output for holidays and non-operating daysShort 60 mm housing case Settings can be made even with the Time Switch turned OFFEasy connection to PLC with communicationsTest mode enables easy program checkingthat require no programming Complies with EMC Directives, UL/Component communications can be used to linkCSA, and other safety standardstemperature controllers to each other Includes summer time (DST) adjustment. Yearly Easy set up with CX-Thermo software (Windows XP, 7) withoutmodels also offer automatic switching to DSTadditional power supply via USB conversion cable760-4589 RELAY OUTPUT 100-240V760-4592 VOLTAGE OUTPUT 100-240V760-4599 CURRENT OUTPUT 100-240V 177-0111 100240 V ACZEN LOGIC MODULE PROGRAMABLE RELAYS H7EC COUNTER NAIncreased functionality in a compact body (70 mm wide90 mm high). Large totaliser displayThis single Unit easily provides relay, timer, counter, and time switch functions. Self powered by internal battery Economy-type and Communications-type CPU Units have been added to series. which can also be replacedIncreased timing accuracy with a monthly deviation of 15 s max.Key protected switch to prevent Multiple-day operation and pulse output operation have been added. accidental reset switch operationSelect from two power supply options: 100 to 240 VAC or 12 to 24 VDC.Dual operation modeShort body of only 48.5mmFinger touch protection348-1929 BEIGE CASE H7EC-N650-2984 ZEN 20 I/O 12-24VDCZEN-20C1DR-D-V2 348-1913 BLACK CASE H7EC-N-BF3S-TGR-CL SAFETY LIGHTNA E5C2 ON/OFF TEMPERATURE CURTAIN CONTROLLERSimple to wire, mount and configure Supply voltage rating ranging from 100VAC to 240VAC. DIP-switch setup for blanking, interlockThis controller has a width of 48mm and a height of function, muting and optical coding 48mm. It has a K-type (0C to 400C) thermocouple Floating blankinginput and relay output for ON-OFF control. and Fixed blanking supported It has thermocouple element lead wires that make soldering Muting function and muting lamp integrated difficult due to its inability to sticking to the solder.Type 2 or type 4 acc. EN61496-1EN ISO 13849-1readyLong range active/active systemSensing distance 0.2 to 6m (14 mm) and 0.2 to 14m (35 mm)757-7715 TYPE 2,600MM F3S-TGR-CL2A-035-600 535-0710 48 X 48MM, 100240 V AC E5C2-R20K AC100-240 0-400Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing73'