b'FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRYFACILITIES CLEANING & MAINTENANCEEssentials to keep yourwork space and equiptment to the highest of hygiene standards. Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance HighlightsBrowse and shop the entire range of Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance products online at au.rs-online.com.FOODLUBE AEROSOL ELECTRICALNASpecialist food grade lubricants CONTACT CLEANERTechnically advanced lubricantsLeaves no residuedeveloped by chemists and engineersNo ozone-depleting actionto meet customer needs. Non-corrosiveReduce production downtime Contains corrosion inhibitorAvoid costly product recalls Provides long-lasting lubricationSupport audit compliance Safe on all metal surfaces does not stainSafe on most rubbers, plastics, and coatings.Convenient 360 (including inverted position) spray valve for aerosolsHigh purity CO2 propellant, giving 691-353 SPRAY LUBRICANT, 300ML AEROSOL 15710 an active product 146-2963 ANTI-SEIZE AND THREAD COMPOUND FOR FOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY 500G 15743 content of 95%375-8285 UNIVERSAL 2 LUBRICANT, 380GM 15231375-8279 UNIVERSAL 2 LUBRICANT, 4KG TIN 15236448-0719 SUGAR DISSOLVING FLUID,500ML 15110512-6062 EXTREME MULTI-PURPOSE EP GREASE, 380G 15241512-7784 FOOD GRADE WATER DISPLACING AND LUBRICANT SPRAY, 300ML 15010733-5029 ULTRA NLGI NO. 2, 380G 15811 823-2533 500ML 12101FOOD SAFE LUBRICANT NA CLEANING SOLVENT NA KARCHER VACUUM NANon-toxic white grease Excellent degreasing properties BAKERY KITExcellent resistance to waterIdeal for efficient cleaning Accessory kit for vacuuming and cleaning and high temperatures Removes flux residues andbakeries, equipment, shelves, etc. Excellent compatibility withacrylic conformal coatings Ideal for bakeries, cake shops, etc. rubbers and plastics Versatile in use The kit includes: 4 m electrically Good operating temperatureFast evaporation rate conductive suction hose (6.906-546.0), electricaaly range -20C to +180C Efficient cleaningconductive plastic bend (5.032-427.0), 2x 0.5 m metal processes suction tube ( 6.900-275.0), crevice tool (6.903-033.0), CO2 propelled aerosolfloor tool (6.906-554.0), car vacuuming tool (6.906-version available 108.0), all-purpose brush (2.863-147.0), suction brush with 20% more active cleaner natural bristles (6.903-862.0), reducer (5.407-109.0).344-0344 400 ML FSL400 379-4994400 ML ULS400DB 707-3645 FOR NT 55/1 ECO BS 2.640-436.0Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food38RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'