b'M8/M12 CONNECTORSTEs M8/M12 connectors continues to fill the ongoing needs for sensor connection in Industrial Machinery and Factory Automation. A connection standard for many years, these products also find applications outside of their traditional industries where a compact reliable connection system with environmental protection is required. TEs M8/M12 connector portfolio includes A, B, D, S, T, and X-coded (up to 10 Gb/s) versions to serve various customer needs.The connectors are also available in shielded and unshielded versions, to support Gigabit Ethernet applications.M8/M12THE CODINGSAmbient temperature for M8: -40C to 85C A-coding:Actuator-sensor plugAmbient temperature for M12:connections for DeviceNet,-40C to 85CIO link and Profibus Current rating:4 and 5 pins:4A per pinB-coding: Fieldbus connections for 8 and 12 pins:2A per pinProfibus and Interbus IP rating: IP67/IP68D-coding:Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, As specifications vary forEthernet/IP and EtherCat different parts, please refer to your TE contact for detailed Motor, Frequency-convertors, S-coding:information.motor operated switches,PSUs for Power, 620V, 12A Application Specifications for M8 M12 Connectors and Cable T-coding: Fieldbus comp, passive Assemblies: distribution boxes, motors,114-32127, 114-137008, 114-137144PSUs for Power, 63V, 12AProduct Specifications: X-coding: Cat6A, high-speed 10Gbit Connectors:108-3641, 108-rugged industrial Ethernet19483, applications IEC 61076-2-109 108-106140X-coded:108-137008MaximumPolutionSize Pins Rated Current gradeper pinM8 3 60V 4A 3M8 4 30V 4A 3M12 3 250V 4A 3M12 4 250V 4A 3M12 5 125V 4A 3M12 8 60V 2A 3M12 12 30V 2A 3'