b'CABLES & CONNECTIVITY HIGHLIGH TSMETAL BACKSHELL PANELNA MALE FIELD RJ45NA INSULATED FRENCHNAMOUNT CONNECTORS CONNECTOR COLOUR CODED Multipole audio/video connectorsShielded male RJ45 connector BOOTLACE FERRULESmanufactured for professional use.IP68 waterproof rating Nylon insulated collar for reduced The AXR/XLR compatible connectorsSuitable for a temperatureleakage, creepage and gas intrusionare precision made with zinc die- range of -40C to +80C Tin plated copper cast bodies and silver-plated,tube for excellent conductivitysolid brass turned contacts Crimped terminal can be repeatedly inserted and A benefit of these connectors isremoved without degrading end of the wirethe squeeze release clip, which enables plugs and sockets to be unplugged quickly by means of a simple push-down device. 458-724 GREY,8MM PIN458-695 BLUE,8MM PIN458-702 RED,8MMPIN 1MMSQ.548-9105 3 WAY 111-6743 RJ45 FULL METAL C3 FIELD INSTALLABLE 458-718 BLK,1.5MMSQ. WIREBRASS CABLE GLAND WITHNA IP68 METRIC DOME TOPNA IP68 METRIC DOME TOPNALOCKNUT GLAND GLANDSCompletely sealed against dust Metric threaded Metric threadedExcellent water resistance Completely sealed against dust Completely sealed against dustLocknut and seal supplied Excellent water resistance Excellent water resistanceBlack and white versions availableMade with high quality Nylon 66669-4654 M12, 3-6.5MM669-4670 M32 669-4660 M20, 4-9MM669-4689 M40 669-4664 M20, 6-12MM669-4676 M25 669-4673 M20, 10-14MM831-9062 PG36, IP68, 22-32MM 669-4667 M16 669-4686 M63, 34-44MMCOUPLER CABLE CONDUITNA CAT.5E INLINE COUPLERSNA THROUGH HOLE JACKNAFITTINGS RJ45 ADAPTORS SOCKETCoupler cable conduit fitting Cat5e RJ45 coupler Stereo jack socketNominal conduit diameter of 25 mm 8P8C socket to 8P8C socket Robust nylon bodyCorrosion-resistant 31650 gold plated contacts Switched contactsstainless steel material Wired straight contact 1 to contact 1, etc.Satin finish For shielded twisted pair (STP) cables IP67 rating for protection in 1 m of waterand patch leadsfor up to 30 minutes Meets C5e EIA/TIA 568B StandardDimensions: 25 x 25 x 45 mm471-1350 25MM471-1344 20MM 340-9630 CAT.5E RJ45 STP SOCKET-SOCKET COUPLER 449-348 3 WAY STEREO PCB MOUNT JACK SOCKET,1/4INVISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.61'