b"FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRYTOOLS & CONSUMABLESQuality tools, fasteners & fixings, adhesives, sealants, tapes and more to get the job done. Tool & Consumables HighlightsBrowse and shop the entire range of tools & consumables products online at au.rs-online.com.NIPPER CABLE CUTTER NA FX600 SOLDERING IRON NA XCELITE FINE POINTNABlack corrosion resistantLightweight, ergonomic handpiece DIAGONAL KNIFE BLADEpliers Polished head Compact size Scalpels for delicate workPlastic coated handles Suitable for SMD and ThroughKnurled end for more secure Length 280 mm hole applications handling and a firm grip136-7418 END CUTTING68 01 280 768-8985 50WFX600-14 675-6709 FINE POINT DIAGONAL (PACK OF 5)XNB103TRANSPARENT LIQUIDNA TEMFLEX 1755 RUBBERNA FOOD SAFE SILICONENASUPER GLUE FORBLACK CLOTH TAPE SEALANT PASTEELASTOMER PVC insulation tape with goodConforms to BS5889 Type BLow viscosity instant adhesive electrical and mechanical properties Fast cureEnsures uniform fast-fixturing ofHigh dielectric strength 40 kV/mm High modulus-acetoxy cure type'difficult' rubbers and elastomers Self extinguishingBonds polyethylene, polypropylene and polyolefinGood resistance to abrasion, moisture, plastics when used with Loctite 770 Primer alkalis, acids, corrosio, varying weather conditions and ultraviolet exposure514-600 20 GLOCTITE 406 840-9026 19.1MM X 18M, 0.33MM THICK1755-3/4X60FT 459-0232 310 ML CARTRIDGE6011088Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food92RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing"