b'FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRYCABLES & CONNECTORSHigh quality, extensive range of cables & associated products from leading global brands.Cables & Connectors HighlightsBrowse and shop the entire range of cables & connector products online at au.rs-online.com.LPC C FG STAINLESS STEELNA ENERGY CHAIN - E2 NAFOOD FITTINGS Chains for various applicationsFlexicon LPC (C-FG) conduit fittingLarge pins for long service life;Smooth is Stainless Steel with an externalinterior for long cable lifethread suitable for LPC conduits.Dirt-repellant exterior (fully This fitting has a Polyester elastomerenclosed tubes only)compression face and nut seal. Tapered insertion point for easy assemblyExternal thread Chain supplied in 1 m lengthsHigh tensile strengthCorrosion resistantFor use with all LPC conduitsTemperature Range: -50C to +135CType of Protection: IP66, IP67, IP68 (2 bar) and IP69 with Stainless Steel food grade fittings124-0060 16MM M16 LPC16-M16-C-FG124-0062 25MM M25 LPC25-M25-C-FG 720-2745 116X50MM, RAD 100MM 2600.10.100124-0061 20MM M20 LPC20-M20-C-FG 720-2749 91X50MM RADIUS 75MM 2600.07.075HIROSE U.FL SERIES ULTRANA M12 CORDSETS FOR THENA DURASLEEVE WIRENASMALL COAXIAL CABLEFOOD INDUSTRY MARKING CARRIERSASSEMBLIES M12 Single ended sensor cordset DuraSleeve Wire Marking Carriers, Supports high frequencies of up to 6 GHz Female right angle connectorare a transparent tube (carrier) with a LED operation and function indicator label pocket to insert a printed labelTerminated with ultra fine coaxial cableAvailable in various sizesfor secure and stable connection Self locking threaded joint Tactile click for mating assurance and moulded cableRange of mated heights can be achieved Hexagon screw-in stainless steel, Available as singleespecially designed for used in and double endedfood processing equipmentcable assembliesWide range of cable lengths and plug sizes447-660 DMC-2.5/5-15 DMC-2.5/5-15447-664 DMC-1.3/3-30 DMC-1.3/3-30508-5292 FEMALE, LED, 25M 18027 PRKWT/LED P 4-07/25 M 447-670 DMC-2.5/5-30 DMC-2.5/5-30685-1047 1.37MM DIA,300MM L,TINU.FL-2LP-088K1T-A-(300) 508-5286 FEMALE, LED, 10M 18026 PRKWT/LED P 4-07/10 M 447-654 DMC-1.3/3-15 DMC-1.3/3-15(PACK OF 5)Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food46RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'