b'IOT PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT S What is IOT, IIOT & Industry 4.0?What are the advantages of IOT?In short, IoT is a broad term used to refer to all devicesA few examples of how the manufacturing industry is which are connected to the internet beyond theusing IIoT:familiar mix of PCs, laptops, phones and tablets.Optimising the manufacturing line:Industrial IoT sensors enable continuous monitoring of the The Industrial Internet of Things simply put, IIoT takesproduction line from start to finished product. This enables the concept of networking devices and connectingoperators to continuously fine-tune the manufacturing process, them to the internet to share datalocally orsaving both time and moneyremotelyin factories, industrial processes andInventory and supply chain management: manufacturing stands or falls on the supply of raw materials industrial buildings. Sensors collect the information,and components. RFID (radio frequency identification) tags which is consolidated via a gateway to the localand similar technologies allow components and supplies to be network, then onwards through an edge controller totracked continuously, in real-time, from location to location, the internet or the clouddata servers within largeproviding continuous monitoring of inventory and compensatory data centres. adjustmentsPackaging assessment:Industrial IoT sensors allow manufacturers to monitor the Industry 4.0 is when components communicatecondition of packaging during transit and storage and even independently with the production system and, ifassess how customers typically interact with it, enabling necessary, arrange for repairs themselves or reorderimprovements to designmaterials. Its when people, machines and industrialReal-time manufacturing data:IIoT devices can supply real-time operational data to suppliers, processes network intelligently. enabling responsive adjustments and also allowing the remote management of factory unitsXINABOX IOT STARTER KIT IO-LINK SMART SENSOREverything needed to build an IoT smart (edge) device, that collects environmental data, and to which anTemperature and Humidity Recorderactuator can be attached for automation projects.Combines three functions in one: sensor, Control an electric gate, garage door, or fan, and connectinterface and transmitter. to IoT dashboards to create alerts and control algorithms.The most recent standards of microtechnology and View sensor data, IoT messages and diagnosticsmicrosystems technology (sub areas of sensor technology locally on the mini-OLED display. and measurement technology) used in intelligent In the box: an xChip sensor for temperature, humiditysensors of small sizes, are the basis for our CSS 014.and pressure, a Wi-Fi and BLE Core xChip (ESP-WROOM-32), mini-OLED display, a solid state relay to switch low voltage appliances, connectors, a programming interface plus a RasPi bridge.190-6041 XK19WIRELESS HARMONY XB5R SERIES RECIEVERSWireless and batteryless package, containing a push-button, set of caps and receiver.Reduction of wiring allows for a quick and easy installation.Flexible due to its mobility, giving greater control to operators. Can be used to remotely control machines up to 25 m away.739-8060 10 COLORED CAPS, PLASTIC, 24.240 V AC/DC XB5RFA02739-8064 10 COLORED CAPS, METAL, 24.240 V AC/DC XB4RFA02739-8067 6 COLORED CAPS, METAL, 24 V DC XB4RFB01 189-0174 M12 CONNECTOR, 1830 V DC01411.2-00Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing15'