b'SENSING SOLUTIONS E3S-DB TRANSPARENTNA E2FM STAINLESS STEELNAOBJECT SENSOR INDUCTIVE SENSORSE3S-DB sensor provides most reliableOne-piece 303 stainless steel detection of all kinds of transparentbody resists damage caused by objects such as PET bottles, glassimpact or harsh chemicalsbottles or transparent trays Thicker sensing face for superior Choice of Smart Teach enabling fast setmechanical durability, wear resistanceup or trimmer sensitivity adjustment 20% greater sensing range (10mm) on M30 Narrow beam types versus the CENELEC standard 8mmdetecting smallest gaps Surge suppressor, load short-circuit Proven for environmentsprotection, choice of connection formatin the Food &Beverage industry831-5971 0.7M, PNP, M12, SMART TEACH E3S-DBP22 OMS 615-8290 M8, SR 1.5MM, PNP M12 E2FM-X1R5B1-M1831-5969 4.5M, PNP, M12, SMART TEACH E3S-DBP21 OMS 617-0587 M12, SR 2MM, PNP M12 E2FM-X2B1-M1831-5975 0.7M, PNP, M12, TRIMMER ADJ. E3S-DBP22T OMS 617-0593 M18, SR 5MM, PNP M12 E2FM-X5B1-M1831-5978 4.5M, PNP, M12, TRIMMER ADJ. E3S-DBP21T OMS 617-0616 M30, SR 10MM, PNP M12 E2FM-X10B1-M1ER SERIES STAINLESS STEELNA E3ZM-V COLOUR MARK SENSOR -NAROPE PULL STAINLESS STEELThe ER series stainless steel bodied safetyA detergent & corrssion resistant colour mark sensor rope pull is designed to be in a robust stainless steel 316L housing tough and durable for even the Designed to provide reliable detection of all most demanding applications common print marks in packaging applicationsRope pull switches eliminate the White LED for stable detection of need for numerous E-stop buttonsdifferently colored print marksreducing installation time and costs Easy-to-use teach-in button Supports spans up to 80m and or remote dynamic teachintegral tension indicator makes Fast response time of 50ssystem setup & maintenance easyIP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure enables the switch to withstand water wash down cleaning757-9121 STAINLESS STEEL ROPE PULL + RESET & E-STOP ER6022-022MELSS 458-222 PNP 2M CABLE E3ZM-V81 2MF3S-TGR HYGIENIC DOOR SAFETYNASWITCHESNon-contact switches for interlock hinge, sliding or removable guard doorsIP67 Stainless steel construction ideally suited to high hygiene demands in the food industryLong sensing range to avoid false signals due to mis-aligned doorHall effect coded switch have LED indication, electronic output and up to 3 can be connected in seriesReed switches can switch 1mA, 10 VDC and up to 6 can be connected in series820-3847 SMALL CODED SWITCH, 2NC/1NO, 10M CABLE F3S-TGR-NSFC-21-10820-3840 SMALL CODED SWITCH, 2NC/1NO, M12 CONN. F3S-TGR-NSFC-21-M1J8820-3844 SMALL REED SWITCH, 2NC/1NO, 10M CABLE F3S-TGR-NSFR-21-10820-3853 SMALL REED SWITCH, 2NC/1NO, M12 CONN. F3S-TGR-NSFR-21-M1J8820-3856 MINIATURE CODED SWITCH, 2NC/1NO, 10M CABLE F3S-TGR-NMHC-21-10820-3869 MINIATURE REED SWITCH, 2NC/1NO, 10M CABLE F3S-TGR-NMHR-21-10820-3862 MINIATURE REED SWITCH, 2NC/1NO, M12 CONN. F3S-TGR-NMHR-21-M1J8Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing65'