b'INGRESSThe Ingress Protection (IP) rating system is an internationally recognized scale that relates to proven protection against PROTECTION (IP)environmental factors such as liquids and solids.RATINGS Ingress protection ratings can be identified by the letters IP, followed by two numbers. These numbers define the amount of protection a digital scale has against specified elements and its ability to resist foreign matter that could otherwise get inside the product and cause it to fail.1st digit = Degree of protection against solid objects 2nd digit = Degree of protection against waterNo Protection 0 0 No ProtectionProtected against solid objects1 1 Protected against drops of water.greater than 50mm.Protected against solid objects2 2 Protected against drops of water at greater than 12.5mm. a 15 degree angle.Protected against solid objects3 3 Protected against water spray at a greater than 2.5mm. 60 degree angle.Protected against solid objects4 4 Protected against water spray greater than 1.0mm. splashing from any angle.Protected against dust that could5 5 Protected against water jets from cause sufficient harm. any angle.Protected against all dust. 6 6 Protected against powerful jets of water or heavy seas.Protected against temporary Example: 7 immersion in water (30 minutes at 1M).IP 4 4 8 Protected against the effects of permanent immersion in water (up to 5M).Protected againstProtected against waterProtected against close-range high solid objects greaterspray splashing from9K pressure, high temperature spray than 1.0mm. any angle. downs (80 degC water at 80-100bar for 30sec x 4 angles.12'