b'PNEUMATIC AIR PREP, ELECTRIC ACTUATORS & SWITCHESCFM PNEUMATIC CABINET COOLER PNEUMATIC CABINETNAUses compressed air at 5-7 bar COOLERFits into a 3/4 in BSPP (British Standard ParallelPressure range of 5-7 barPipe) clearance hole in the cabinet wall Cools cabinet volumes of up to 2 mMaximum flow rate of 35 CFM Maximum flow rate of 35 CFMMaximum cooling capacity of 1,500 Btu/h Maximum cooling capacity of 1,500 Btu/hFed through 1/4 in BSP air inlet Diameter of 45 mmPressure relief valve Height of 333.5 mmHeight of 196 mm Stainless steel bodyDiameter of 45 mm Control device not includedStainless steel body Conforms to ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014 and BS EN Control device not included 61340-5-1:2007 Electrostatic Control StandardsConforms to ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014 and BS EN 61340-5-1:2007 Electrostatic Control Standards291-5386 1500BTU/H 35CFM 445-30601500BTU/H 35CFM VACUUM PRESSURENA ELECTRIC LINEARNA AUTOMATIC DRAIN VALVE -NAGAUGE 0BAR ACTUATOR 240V 50HZMaximum PressureMeasurement 0bar Input voltage 24V DC Precise self-activated control of fluids Vacuum Pressure Gauge Type Max. load500N (push/pull) and air to a specified programme Gauge Outside Diameter 100mm Speed: 13.5 mm/s (full load)(media: air, gases, oo, oil etc.)Stainless Steel Case Material 14.6 mm/s (no load) Automatically opens for a set Minimum Operating Temperature -40C Stroke length: 100 mm time to drain condensationMaximum Operating Temperature +60C Aluminium grey in colour Length of time open (0.5 to 45 Quiet yet powerful minutes) and frequency both adjustablePreset limit switches Discharge time 0.5 Minimal operational costs to 10 secondsEnergy efficient Minimal risk of internal blockages due to increased internal tolerancesLED indicator for operational status188-986 0-30HG 177-4490 24V DC, 100MM STROKE 725-125 AUTOMATIC DRAIN VALVEF4 SERIES ADJUSTABLENA K3 SERIES ADJ HYDRAULICNA STANDARD DUTYNAPRESSURE SWITCH PRESS SWITCH POLYURETHANE TUBEFitted with a mechanical stop to preventAdjustable via a screw located inHighly flexible, cut and abrasion resistantdamage from over pressurisation the centre of the instrument Silicone freeCan be mounted in any orientation Incorporates a mechanical stopIdeal for pneumatic control and 90 Cycles/min switching frequency providing over-pressure protectionchemical transfer linesLong mechanical life (10^6 cycles at 70bar) for spring and microswitch0.5A maximum load (at 250 VAC) DIN 43650 connectorAccuracy 4% of set pressureFixed Hysteresis 10-25% (Dependent upon version)DIN 43650 Electrical connection917-2381 BLUE, 5MM ID, 8MM OD917-2397 BLUE, 9MM ID, 12MM OD297-0052 1-12 BAR 363-5968 1-10 BAR K3 SERIES 917-2400 CLEAR, 4MM ID, 6MM OD297-0046 0.2-2.5 BAR 296-9989 2-40 BAR K SERIES 917-2371 BLACK 7.5MM ID 10MM OD90'