b'INDUSTRIAL PUSH BUTTONS, PILOT LIGHTS & CONTROL STATIONSCONTACT BLOCKS NA HARMONY EMERGENCYNA HARMONY XB4NAShort-circuit protection via a 10 A cartridgeSTOP HEAD ZB4B EMERGENCY STOP PUSH fuse, providing excellent circuit protection. Easy mountable, using a single installerBUTTONSLightweight, easy to fit and configure. (Self-maintaining of the head in its cut-out). Effortless to use turn to release Easily removable and adjustable.Clip-together component systemfunctionality for easy reset once activatedFront mounting. (head, body, contact blocks). Chromium plated metal panel with Operating temperature ofChromium plated metal, durable and easy to recycle prominent red round push button, easily alerting to the eyebetween -40 to 70 C. The switch has great resistance to electric shock, conforming2 NC contacts, for simple configurationto the machineShort-circuit protection using a 10 A cartridge safety standards offuse which conforms to EN/IEC 60947-5-1the IEC (Class 1)Single locking screw, making the button easy to mount, reliable and secure.331-0473 1NO ZBE101331-0489 1NC ZBE102 330-9388 TWIST TO RELEASEZB4BS844 795-1306 40MM TURN RELEASE RED 1NC XB4BS8442HARMONY XALK CONTROLNA XAL CONTACT BLOCKS NA EMERGENCY STOP HEADNASTATIONS Slow break contact operation in conjunction- TURN TO RELEASE / KEY Easy to use turn to release functionalitywith pushbuttons for quicker actionSWITCHfor easy reset once activated (depending on the speed of the operator). An instantaneous disconnect of your Light grey RAL 7035 base enclosure,1,000,000 cycles of mechanicalcircuit upon alarm & activation of with a yellow RAL 1021 cover colourdurability, robust and reliable tothis emergency stop control unit and a prominent, bold red pushensure continuous operation. Modular system, nearly all shapes and functions are button for easy identification to its function Lightweight, easy to fit and configure. Easilycompatible with each other (if you need to switch the push Durable Polycarbonate material, easy to cleanremovable and adjustable. Front mounting. buttons head you can and maintain with added durability for extendeddo so without changing use (mechanical durability of 300,000 cycles) the other parts)Conformity with IEC, UL, CSA standards - giving you the reassurance of reliability and safety in your industry795-1295 EMERGENCY STOP STATION 1NC TURNXALK178 426-2808 E STOP 40MM TRIG ACTION TURNZB5AS844RELEASE 331-0580 CONTACT BLOCK 1NC SCREW TERMINAL ZENL1121 RELEASE REDHEADS FOR SELECTORNA BODY/FIXING COLLARNA FRONT MOUNT INTEGRALNASWITCHES ZB4-B (2) ZB4-B LED BODIESLow-load electrical contact The collar weighs 0.003 g Lightweight, easy to fit and configure Screw clamp connection,The mounting hole size of 22 mm screw clamp terminal connectors. pins for printed circuit It is a green premium product Easily removable and adjustable. Ingenious locking system Designed to be used with the Harmony100,000 H service life when Flexible and robust XB4 series of push-button switches used at rated voltage, used -40C to 70C operatingComprised of a strong metal materialwithin an average temperature of 25C.temperature enabling theProtected integral LED, component tocoming in varying colours hard-wearing andincluding white, red, yellow long-lasting and more. See product specification for exact detail.330-9041 2 POSITION STAYPUT TWIST SELECTORZB4BD2SWITCH330-9057 3 POSITION STAYPUT TWIST SELECTORZB4BD3SWITCH 331-0142 MOUNTING BLOCK FOR PUSHBUTTONZB4BZ009330-9142 2 POSITION STAYPUT TO LEFT KEY SWITCH ZB4BG2 SWITCH 610-2821 LIGHT BLOCK,GREEN, INTEGRAL LED, 24V ZBVB3Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing77'