b'WYPALL REACHSANITISERS & FOODSAFE SKINCARECENTREFEED SYSTEM KLEENEX FOAM HANDNA KLEENEX FREQUENT USENA TOUCH-FREE ELECTRONIC SKINCARE SANITISER HAND CLENSER DISPENSERHelping drive hygiene standards Fragrance and dye free formulationThe cost effective, high capacity refillsMost hygienic soap dispensing optionkills up to 99.999% of germs.provide up to 1111 hand washes each Reliable, controlled dispensingthroughout your workplace environment Dermatologically tested formula containsKleenex hand soaps effectively cleanIndicator lights for low product and low batteryaloe vera and skin humectant. and care for skin during washing Suitable for facilities where hygiene is at the upmost importanceFit for purpose in food handling or processing areas. The compact, easy to use dispensers suit all locations Compatible with Kleenex 6493, 34614This premium quality formula is an ideal hand hygiene solution for workplace washroomsFit for purpose in food handling or processing areas.WypAll ReachCentrefeed System Fully enclosed systemdesigned to helpprevent transmission of foodborne bacteriacaused by handling of exposed blue rolls 1L CATRIDGE. 6 PER CASE 6492 WHITE ABS PLASTIC 921471.2L CATRIDGE. 4 PER CASE 6493 1L CARTRIDGE, 6 PER CASE 6333 METALLIC ABS PLASTIC 11329 Always at hand - convenient and portableKLEENEX LUXURYNA SCOTT LUXURY FOAMNA AQUARIUS SKINCARE DISPENSERFOAM FRAGRANCE FREEFRAGRANCE AND DYE FREEIdeal for wiping up spills and drying hands FREQUENT USE HANDSKIN CLEANSER Easy refill system for reduced maintenance timeFeatures a viewing window to check soap levels before refillingCLEANSER Antibacterial fragrance free and dye freeHigh-gloss, easy clean finish for a more hygienic workplace Good for space restricted environments with The cost effective, high capacity refillssoap, designed to be gentle on the skin Endorsed by HACCP International as provide up to 2500 hand washes each High capacity 1200ml format,suitable in food preparation areasa convenient wall mounted bracket for storage The gentle, everyday formula cleans and cares for skin dispensing 1,846 shots per cartridge Designed to be used with a range of Kleenex Re-fill cartridges are hygienically sealed, non-ventedand Scott 1L skincare cartridges including 6331, The compact, easy to use dispensers suit all locations and designed to collapse upon dispensing 6333, 6342, 12552, 11554, 6492, 6332, 11553This rich, luxurious foaming soap for a refreshingReduces paper consumption by 18% 1 and enjoyable skin cleaning experience Used in conjunction with Kimberly-Clark Fit for purpose in food handling or processing areas. Professional touch-free electronic dispensersEndorsed by HACCP International for Food Zone Classification SSZ Cuts paper waste by 18% 1 Fit for purpose in food handling or processing areas.Product Colour/Code Name Sheet size Sheets per roll Roll diameterCase Contents Plies Certifications/Dispenser(L x W) (cm) FeaturesWHITE 694801L CARTRIDGE, 6 PER CASE 6342 1.2L CARTRIDGE, 2 PER CASE 91591 BLACK 7173 6222 Food & Hygiene Centrefeed 38 cm x 430 15 6 Rolls1 6221for Reach Dispenser L10 18.3 cm x 163 m KLEENEX EVERYDAY USENA KLEENEX HAIR & BODYNA SKINCARE DISPENSERHAND CLEANSER SHOWER WASH KIMCARE* Hand Cleansers combined with easy to use dispensers The luxurious formula of Kleenex handKleenex shower gel effectivelydeliver the ideal hand hygiene solution for your workplace. Service & Retail Centrefeed38 cm x 6 Rollssoap effectively cleans and cares for skin cleans and cares for your skin The sealed cartridges protect the cleanser prior to use,6220 for Reach Dispenser L10 18.3 cm 280 15 x 106 m1 6221 Each cost effective, high capacity refillEach 1000ml refill dispenses the shower gelpreventing contamination and providing superior hygiene. provides up to 1111 hand washes up to 1111 times, delivering a low cost per use The high capacity, 1L cartridges are easy to load and reduce Compact, easy to use dispensers areEasy to load cartridges reduce maintenance time janitorial servicing, helping you save time and money.designed to suit all locations Sealed cartridges protect the cleanser prior to use Suitable for 6331, 6333, 6342, 12552, 11554, 6492, 6332, 11553This premium, high quality formula is ideal handSuitable for use as a foam soap dispenserhygiene solution for workplace washroomsBlack nozzleBracket included WypAll Reach1 dispenser (L25.4 xuse with 6220 for wall mounting6221 Centrefeed System W18 x D22.4cm)Red nozzle use with 6222 / 6223Ensures wood products are sourcedMade with AIRFLEX Technology.from responsibly managed forests.HACCP certified fit for purpose in foodWYPALL Wipers The handling or processing applications. 1 Sapio Wiper Preference Research Aug 2018.right tool for every task161-2539 1L CARTRIDGE, 6 PER CASE 6331 1L CARTRIDGE, 6 PER CASE 6332 1L CAPACITY 6341www.kcprofessional.com.au Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/foodwww.kcprofessional.co.nzRS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing43*Images for illustration purposes only, rolls not individually packed./Trademarks Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.KCWW .'