b'Cut costs and take control with an RS eCommerce SolutionIf multiple people across your organisation are placing large numbers of low-value orders, you have little control over whos ordering what. And youre almost certainly wasting both resources and money. You could also be losing valuable production time if the ordering process only starts when a part or item needs replacing. Delays can occur while the purchasing process lumbers into actionmeaning costly downtime. The good news is theres a simple and e ective way to cut your companys procurement costs and gain control of your budget spend.Purchasing actionAverage process cost The difference with an RS eCommerce SolutionDirect access to our inventory of over 500k products means $21.76 less time shopping around. You can search directly for the parts you need with our Searching for suppliereCommerce Solutions.and productCheck stock availability, prices and technical data $40.80 instantly. No more inaccurate data, time-wasting repetition or Placing the order needless manual input.$25.84 Count on us for on-time deliveries and efficient fulfilment.Chasing supplier and receiving deliveryWe can support fast and efficient $42.16 eInvoicing or consolidated monthly summaries, personalised to suit your business.Processing invoices $5.44 Our eInvoicing capabilities ensure easy invoice reconciliation and quicker payment processing.Paying supplier$136.00 A simplified procure-to-pay Total process cost process, saving you money For up to date pricing & offers visit au.rs-online.com today!3'