b'FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRYPERSONAL PROTECTIONPPE, protective clothing & footwear from the brands you trust to keep you safe. Personal Protection Range HighlightsBrowse and shop the entire range of personal protection products online at au.rs-online.com.DISPOSABLE HAIR NET FORNA E-A-R SOFT DISPOSABLENA CHEMMASTER FOOD INDUSTRY EAR PLUGS APRON Blue nylon lightweight net whichComfortable Fit Green, reusable, chemical can be used alone or togetherHigh Visibility resistant apronwith other headwear Excellent Noise Reduction 91cm long For use in food manufacturing,Protection against pharmaceuticals, electronics and inchemical splashesmany other industrial applications PVC-coated nylon material Resistant to acids, alkalis, oils and spirits419-653 36X24 CMA 36 X 24215-5095 ONE SIZE (PACK OF 100)T21220 774-3959 33DB, 2000 PAIRS (PACK OF 200)312-1250 419-669 42X36 CMA 42 X 36SCIENCE A7 NA FACOM SLS HEIGHT SAFE TOOLWHITE OVER SHOE COVERNALAB COAT CARABINERS FOR USE IN FOODWith a cloth-like feel and aStainless steel construction with excellent corrosion resistance Elasticated anklereduced risk of heat stress,Quick and easy to attach or detach tools and other equipment PVC SoleKimtech A7 P+ lab coats ensure Perfect for working at height to reduceLiquid splash and dust barrier contamination control duringinjury and damage or loss of tools properties (Type 5/6)extensive periods of use.Available in a range of sizes to accommodate numerous tasksThe breathable coat materialNon-lock snap design for easy accessincludes high levels of particle and bacterial protection (with filtration efficiency of 99%).767-2902 MEDIUM 96710767-2911 LARGE 96720 756-4526 M TO L (PACK OF 10)98710767-2914 X-LARGE 96730 910-3350 60MM MOUSQ6X60SLS 756-4520 XL TO XXL (PACK OF 10) 98720Browse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food16RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'