b'Discover theRS PRO range ofTest & Measurement equipment.Your smart choice for any measurement need -from environmental to lab equipment, from electrical products to a collection of maintenance solutions.RS 135 MULTI FUNCTION CALIBRATOR MAGNETIC FIELDNASource 4~20 mA, 0~24 mA with 1 A resolution (1 K load, 24 V loop supply), basic accuracy 0.025% INDICATOR / SOLENOID Source 0~24.000 V with 1 mV resolution TESTERSource frequency 1~20000 Hz square wave with programmable duty cycle (1~99%) Easy to useAuto step and auto ramp for sourcing mA, V Powerful red light indicatorEasy fixed 25% up and down, or programmableLightweightpercentage (1~99%) increase and decrease (mAV)Measure DC mA with loop power (24 V output)Measure DC VMeasure Temperature (C, F) of 11 types of thermocouples (K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B and C)Calibrator grade precision temperature measurement with 0.1C & 0.1F resolutionDetection of thermocouples disconnectionWarning for overload, output open (mA) or short (V)Short circuit protection for outputBattery power indication (%) when turn on the calibratorBattery or electrical power supply174-9557 4-20MA LOOP CALIBRATOR + THERMOMETER 375-5422 MAGNETIC STICK FIELD INDICATORBLUETOOTH POWER CLAMP METER ATEX/IECEX MAGNETNA10,000 count digital display STICK INDICATOR50 segment analogue bar graph Easy to useLarge LED backlit display Powerful red light indicatorBluetooth connecting LightweightAuto store up to 1000 memories Ambient Temperature: -20C to +40CData logging up to 9,999 records Weight: 40 gmsTrue RMS reading on AC and AC+DC modeTorch lightening on trigger pushAuto Ohms/Continuity/Diode selectionAC 600 Amps capabilityAuto AC/DC 1000 Volts capability and selectionAC current via flexible current probePower and power factor measurementTotal harmonics distortion and harmonics 1 to 25Phase rotation indication100K Ohms resistance capabilityFrequency counterCapacitance capabilitySmart data hold, peak hold, min max hold functionsInrush current162-4455 RS PRO 155 BLUETOOTH CLAMP MULTIMETER 141-1996 ATEX/IECEX MAGNET STICK INDICATORVISIT RSPRO.COM TO DISCOVER THE COMPLETE RANGE.29'