b'HEAT-SHRINK & COLD-SHRINK SLEEVESCGAT ADHESIVE LINED HEATSHRINKRNF100 CLEAR HEATSHRINKNA HT-200 HEAT-SHRINKNATUBING3:1 TUBING 2:1 (1.2M LENGTHS) TUBINGHigh strength bonding Excellent all round performance Tough, flexible, thin wall insulation Flame retardant jacketShrink ratio 2:1 Provides excellent electrical insulation Polyolefin materialcommonly used insulatingAvailable in a wide range2:1 shrink ratio for all standard sizes material, flexible and durable of sizes and colours High temperature performance Standard black in colourFlame retardant that meets or exceeds military Operating temperatureFlexible and industrial standards range of -30 to +80 C 1.2m lengths Resistance to most industrial Minimum shrinksolvents, fuels and chemicalstemperature: +80 CHigh flame resistanceSupplied in lengths of 1.2m157-3818 12MM CGAT-12/4-0157-3824 18MM CGAT-18/6-0 170-6563 1.2MM BORE RNF-100-3/64-X-STK157-3903 24MM CGAT-24/8-0 170-6642 12.7MM BORE RNF-100-1/2-X-STK157-3789 3MM CGAT-3/1-0 170-6658 19MM BORE RNF-100-3/4-X-STK157-3830 40MM CGAT-39/13-0 170-6664 25.4MM BORE RNF-100-1-X-STK157-3795 6MM CGAT-6/2-0 170-6591 3.2MM BORE RNF-100-1/8-X-STK 848-9142 1/2 1M HT-200-1/2-X-STK-CS-34128157-3802 9MM CGAT-9/3-0 113-2568 38MM BORE RNF-100-1-1/2-X-STK 848-9136 3/16 11 LENGTH HT-200-3/16-X-STK-CS-34128SRFR HEATSHRINK TUBINGNA SRFR HEATSHRINK TUBINGNA ATUM - MOISTURE PROOFNA(SHRINK RATIO 1.7:1) (SHRINK RATIO 1.7:1) SLEEVING 3:1 OR 4:1A highly flexible, flame retarded,Easy to storeProvides excellent environmental sealing grey silicone rubber tubing withEasy to dispense for electrical components, wire splices, an excellent balance of physicalWell suited for repairs cable jackets & harness breakoutsand electrical properties Adhesive lined tubings High strength bondingDisplays outstanding physical strength,Wide variety of sizes Medium walled for increased resists extreme heat shocks and exhibits good thermal insulation mechanical protectionTemperature ratingRoHS compliant Flame retardant jacket-75 to +200C 3:1 shrink ration Operating temperature Operating temperaturerange -55C to +110Crange: -30 C to +80 C288-5112 10.0MM SRFR-10/6-8-1M288-5128 15.0MM SRFR-15/9-8-1M 316-1580 12-4MM I/D ATUM-12/4-0288-5083 2.9MM SRFR-2.9/1.7-8-1M 316-1596 19-6MM I/D ATUM-19/6-0288-5099 4.9MM SRFR-4.9/2.9-8-1M 316-1568 6-2MM I/D ATUM-6/2-0288-5106 7.8MM SRFR-7.8/4.6-8-1M 364-1480 CGAT ADHESIVE LINED REFILL,18/6MM CGAT-R-18/6-0 316-1631 8-2MM I/D ATUM-8/2-0FLAME RETARDANTCLEAR TFER HEAT SHRINKHTAT - MOISTURE PROOF SLEEVING 4:1HEATSHRINK TUBE,TUBING Semi flexible polyolefin tubingHEATSHRINK TUBINGSemi-rigid tubing made from PTFE Flame retardant jacket2:1 (REEL) Ideal for use in highHeat shrink ratio of 4:1 meaning when heated this Heat shrink ratio of 2:1 temperatures tubing shrinks to a quarter of its original diameter, Thin wallmaking it perfect for awkward shaped connectorsShrinks at low temperature Clear tubing High shrink ratio ensures the tube will be able to fit over Ideal for delicate or temperature sensitive equipment Highly flame retardant larger connectors and still ensure environmental sealingExcellent physical and electrical properties Excellent resistance toHigh strength bonding due to inner adhesive liningVery flexible polyolefin tubing chemicals and solvents Operating temperature -55C to 110CHighly flame retardantHigh mechanical strength Heat shrink temperature: 80C Free from PBBs as well as PBBOs and PBBEs Low coefficient of friction Supplied in lengths of 1.2mOperating temperature -55C to +135C Heat shrink ratio of 3.2:1 meaning Heat Shrink temperature: 70C when heated this tubing shrinks to just over a third of its original diameter252-7721 13.7MM VFRS-1/2-0 Operating temperature -67C to 250C252-7737 19.0MM VFRS-3/4-0 Heat shrink temperature: 330CSupplied in lengths of 1.2m252-7670 2.4MM VFRS-3/32-0252-7743 25.4MM VFRS-1-0252-7686 3.4MM VFRS-1/8-0252-7692 4.8MM VFRS-3/16-0252-7709 6.4MM VFRS-1/4-0 170-6311 12.7MM I/D TFER-1/2-X 344-0625 12-3MM I/D HTAT-12/3-0-STK252-7715 9.5MM VFRS-3/8-0 170-6333 25.4X7.1MM TFER-1-X 344-0603 4-1MM I/D HTAT-4/1-0-STK316-1108 63.5MM HRSR-250FR-10 170-6282 3.2MM I/D TFER-1/8-X 344-0619 8-2MM I/D HTAT-8/2-0-STKBrowse thousands more products online au.rs-online.com/food50RS Components | Food & Beverage Manufacturing'