b'SECTIONFollowing trials last year, 50 DivyasOver the next three years our support will helpare now in use in the Jeddah 5The Washing Machine Project to: refugee camp in Mosul, Federal Iraq. By 2023, the plan is to haveImprove the lives of 100,000 people at least 7,500 machines availableDevelop their innovative engineering solution: an affordable, to disadvantaged families andmanual crank, off-grid washing machinecommunities in 10 countries, providingDistribute the washing machine to people in hard-hit communities relief to around 100,000 people. in 10 countries To continue its work the projectRaise awareness of the global issue of handwashing: 70% of the requires essential funding. Theworlds population do not have access to a washing machine three-year partnership with Electrocomponents will enable theRemove the chronic pain that inflicts women who spend up to 20 charity to alleviate the burden ofhours per week handwashing clotheswashing clothes for thousands of hard- Enable children to benefit from an education instead of spending hit families and communities. Withhours every day handwashing clothes an innovative engineering solution at its heart, the mission of The WashingElectrocomponents support will provide critical funding Machine Project resonated withand components to develop our future machine and build Electrocomponents own, as boththe capacity of our organisation so that we can reach many organisations share the ambition ofmore people in need, commented Nav Sawhney, Founder, The creating a more sustainable world. Washing Machine Project.DONATE TODAY SUPPORT THE WASHING MACHINE PROJECTBY MAKING A DONATION AT:https://electrocomponents.blackbaud-sites.com.FooterMessage9'