b'PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS HARTINGHD10 Series Cable Mount Housing 6860 Series Crimp/Solder contacts Sealed to IP67Copper alloy with gold over nickel plating Durable100 mating cycles minimumProtrude 5.6mm from the back of the connector to allow direct connection to a PCB425-456 Male, 9 contacts, SocketHD10-9-96P425-406 Female, 6 contacts, PlugHD16-6-96S 314-6840 Size 166860-201-16278425-440 Male, 6 contacts, SocketHD10-6-12P 314-6856 Size 206860-201-20278DT15 Series PCB Headers Universal Crimp Tool Environmentally sealed connectorFrom Deutsch, this universal handRugged thermoplasticcrimp tool has an eight-indent connector housing crimp designed to be used withOperating temp range -55 to +125 C solid contacts sizes 12, 16 and 20 Used with both pin and socket contacts, the crimp tool features a simple screw adjustment for height/contact size, and a dial to select applicable wire sizes724-2532 4 Way, 2 Row, StraightDT15-4P 425-973 20AWG to 12AWGHDT-48-00IMC Series Crimp Extraction Tools DT Series Automotive Connectors Offers compact multipole connection Designed for cable to cable connections, and when mated where space is at a premium is sealed to a high degree of environmental protection Suitable for use on test equipment, industrial sensors, Safe, versatile and reliable, DT plug connectors medical equipment, instrumentation & control system are ideal for automotive applications314-6907 Contact size 16AWG6757-201-1601314-6913 Contact size 206757-201-2001 425-692 2 Way Plug ConnectorDT062S-CE06314-6929 Contact size 226757-201-2201 425-682 3 Way Socket ConnectorDT063S-CE06au.rs-online.com27'